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This one little trick can make a world of difference in how we women look and feel in our dance or skate costumes as well as in our every day clothes.


Watch the video below to learn how you can safely snip, or even remove, the waistband on your hose or tights so you look better and your intestines feel better with less bloating.



  1. Looser waistbands allow your intestines to do their natural “happy dance” known scientifically as peristalsis. This natural movement is crucial to proper digestion and to reduce bloating.
  2. Most doctors recommend folks with acid reflux problems avoid tight clothing in the belly area because it may make the condition worse.
  3. The more hours you wear a tight waistband, the grumpier and more bloated your intestines become. When this happens, your costumes or street clothes fit poorly and you don’t feel as well.
  4. Lose the waistband bulge! There is no easier way to feel leaner and healthier than to avoid the lump around the middle. Snipping or removing the waistband is easy and free 🙂





FISHNETS: These are durable. You may cut the waistband in four (or more) places to release pressure on your waist or cut the waistband completely off.

The fishnet weave will not “run” or “snag” like regular pantyhose or tights so completely removing the waistband is not a problem. As long as you have on dance/skate trunks or a built in leotard, they also will not fall down.


SKATE TIGHTS/REGULAR TIGHTS OR HOSE: I do not recommend completely cutting off the waistband on this type of leg wear; your hose/tights will “run” and be ruined!

You can safely snip the waistband in four (or more) places to reduce the waistline bulge. The waistband is usually easy to distinguish because it’s slightly darker than the rest of the hose/tights and it is more dense and not sheer. As long as you don’t cut into the main part of the hose/tights, they should be perfectly fine to wear.

If you are nervous about cutting a brand new pair, then don’t. Practice on an old, worn out pair of tights or use hose that are ready for the trash can.

Snipping the waistband is not the only way to look thinner. Check out my blog where I talk about using long, lean lines in your dress to make you look and feel your best!



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    8 replies to "How to snip a waistband for a smoother look"

    • Karen G from CT, USA

      I’ve been doing this for years on my street nylons and tights. No matter what size I buy, the waistband is always too darn tight! I hadn’t tried removing the waistband from my fishnets, but now I will definitely give that a try!

    • Mary

      I wish I found this video 10 years ago! I’m not a dancer or a skater, but I have a very lean frame and was constantly having to forgo wearing dresses that I normally could wear in the summer because there were no lines , in the winter because of the tight waistband problem. I hated that awkward shaped it gave me at my waists, just looked so natural. This trick completely solved that problem and gave breath to my favorite dresses that I can now enjoy all year round!!!

      • Teresa Sigmon

        What a fabulous story, Mary. Thanks SEW much for sharing! I’m glad the video solved one of life’s little problems for you 🙂

    • Jess

      This is exactly what I was looking for, thank you so much for this post. I was feeling so bloated today with my stockings, and after making a few snips to the waistband, I am feeling much more comfortable. Thank you!!

      • Teresa Sigmon

        Excellent! I love this easy trick 🙂 Thanks for taking time to comment.

    • Robin

      Thank you for posting! I am going to try this.

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