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One of my sewing school members was working on her dance leotard with a sweetheart neckline when she ran into minor problems sewing princess seams.

I want to share this Sew Like A Pro™ Q&A excerpt with you featuring Elif’s new dress. Her sweetheart neckline, although beautiful and feminine, is one of the most difficult neckline shapes to fit because you have to fit flat fabric onto many breast and armpit curves.

Looking at this leotard will give you solid tips on how to sew princess seams to help create a perfectly fitted sweetheart neckline on your ballroom dance, country dance or ice skating costume.


What is the problem with Elif’s leotard?



When you look at photos of Elif’s leotard, you notice the little ‘batwings’ of fabric that stick out on the sides of the dress.

The sweetheart neckline doesn’t hug the dress form like it is supposed to because the fabric is too loose. This is a common problem with sweetheart necklines on dance skate leotards.



Here are the two main ways I teach my sewing school members to fix this problem:



sew princess seams, dance skate leotard, horizontal bust dart


1. Add a horizontal bust dart.

Elif can add a 1” or 25 mm horizontal bust dart connecting the two bust apexes. Adding a horizontal bust dart will pull the top of the princess seams in and down towards her sternum so the leotard fits closer to the body.

Because there is a lot to take in on this particular dance skate leotard, adding a horizontal dart will not solve the entire problem. Also, the area between the breasts fits very well and is not the problem. Therefore, why should we add another seam when one is not needed?







sew princess seams, dance skate leotard

2. Take in all the excess at the upper portion of the princess seams.

This is definitely my preferred choice.

Take in a little from the center front panel, and most of it from the side panel of the dance skate leotard.

In the video, I tell Elif how much she should take in for her specific leotard.

Sewing princess seams on your dance skate leotard will need different amounts. Take in just enough to make it fit well, but not be so tight that the seams push the breast tissue flat.


DRESSMAKER TIP: Are your breasts different sizes? Does the leotard fit differently on the right and left halves? If yes, take in each side different  amounts – especially when the body is asymmetrical. Take in exactly what is needed to make the leotard look and fit as even as possible, even if the amounts are not the same on both sides.


How To Finish The Sweetheart Neckline:

I suggest Elif lower the curve of the sweetheart neckline. In the image below, you can see the blue lines where I indicated how much she should lower it. Elif should cut away at least 1in or 25 cm at the highest curves. She should also cut off the extra fabric ‘batwings’ at the back armhole so the flesh color mesh she plans to add will fit better.

sew princess seams, dance skate leotard, costume alterations




Take a look at the two sweetheart necklines in the image below. The red dress I made. This is Andrea. She modeled the making of this dress for the Sew Like A Pro™ Advanced Program for Latin, Skate and Gowns. This neckline fits her curves beautifully. She looks mature and sophisticated with everything fitting perfectly. This is what I teach in my sewing school.

woman's ice skating leotard, Melissa_sweetheart_necklines

The black ice skating costume with a sweetheart neckline was purchased off-the-rack by Melissa. Check out her blog for more sewing details. As you can see in this comparison photo, the neckline on the black figure skating costume fits poorly: it is too high and too loose making this lovely dress look childish on her womanly body. The alterations needed to make it look good are similar to what Elif’s leotard needs.



Why should Elif and the ice skating costume lower the sweetheart neckline?

Reason #1: Lowering the neckline allows more space between the tip of the bust and the shoulder line. This distance makes larger-breasted women look higher-chested. Having the girls look high and perky is a slimming, youthful look.

Reason #2: Sweetheart necklines that are too high look childish, not womanly.

Reason #3: Sewing princess seams for a sweetheart neckline that ends just above the natural breast curve yields the best fit.


For more sweetheart neckline inspiration, you can read my ice skating costume blog post Sweetheart Neckline is Beautiful on Every Dress Style. You can also go to my sweetheart neckline Pinterest board.

Click here for information on how to become a sewing school member and get detailed training on how to make awesome Dancesport, Country and Skating leotards like Elif.

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