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Kylie, our model, recently competed at the 2019 Adult National Figure Skating Championships in Salt Lake City. In today’s post we talk about her cheery yellow, feminine ice skating dress with a sweetheart neckline chosen to go with her music from the La La Land soundtrack. 

sweetheart neckline, feminine ice skating dress


Kylie began skating twelve years ago. Michelle Kwan, a two-time Olympic medalist and five time winner of the World Figure Skating Championships, was her inspiration.

With more than a decade of skating and competition experience under her leotard, Kylie understands how important it is to have a feminine dress that goes with her routine.

Brad Griffies made the yellow dress Kylie models. She purchased it ready-made, with no decorations. Kylie did a fabulous job rhinestoning the dress herself to save money.

Her music is from the soundtrack to La La Land.   Therefore, she wanted a dress in a bright yellow color with short sleeves and a feminine neckline similar to what Emma Stone wore in the movie.

The result was that she found a dress with a lovely sweetheart neckline that compliments her routine and accents her lean physique.




In my last blog post, I reveal how many of the adult ice skating dresses are made from children’s patterns that do not have proper seaming for a curvy, womanly figure.

sweetheart neckline, feminine ice skating dress

Kylie’s costume is exactly this.

Her leotard is cut using an over-sized child’s pattern with side seams only. There are no princess seams, bust darts or other dressmaking details that the fuller-figured woman’s dress should have.

Kylie has a lean, straight body, like many elite skaters (and like most children). Therefore, this feminine ice skating dress fits her beautifully.


If you are a curvier woman and want to know more about how to sew your own ice skater dresses, check out this post featuring June, an ice dancer who makes all her competition dresses.



Let’s go over some of the design details that make this dress right for Kylie’s body shape and size (but not good for women with a curvier figure.)




Trim women like Kylie are often small-busted since there is not a lot of body fat. The sweetheart neckline on this yellow ice skater dress gives Kylie the illusion of having a larger, more feminine bustline.

Sweetheart necklines also enhance the bustline of more endowed women, making them look larger breasted. The sweetheart neckline on this dress is at a good height to accent Kylie’s shape. Click here to see an example of a sweetheart neckline set too high.

The curvy neckline is the classic feminine look for Dancesport, Country and skate dresses!


sweetheart neckline, feminine ice skating dress, mesh sleeves, latin dance dress




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Kylie has a flat stomach so this classic ice skating skirt which attaches at a “V” in front and back looks perfectly fine on her body. However, for the average woman with a round tummy, this “V” skirt attachment is often not the best look for camouflaging the belly curve.

Why does the “V” skirt attachment line work on Kylie’s dress?

It hits at the perfect spot to let the skirt hang straight off her small tummy.


how to make round belly look flat, feminine inc skating dress


Learn more about how to make skirts look great on any shape tummy!






flesh mesh, keyhole back neckline, sweetheart neckline, feminine ice skating dress


The oversized keyhole mesh back is a great design element for getting the dress on and off easily. The large opening also means there is no need for a zipper. 

Do you prefer to show less skin?  There are many options for smaller back openings which look fabulous in flesh color or a color that matches your dress. Click here to see a rhinestoned three keyhole back design.

          Do you want a skate dress with no mesh? Consider using criss-cross straps instead of a mesh back.

Check out my Sew Like A Pro™ Pinterest boards for ideas!




Speaking of flesh color mesh ...  given that Kylie’s dress was not custom made for her, the mesh is a decent match to her skin tone. As a result, her mesh is not very noticeable when viewed on the ice. Nicely matching flesh color mesh means the yellow dress remains the focal point.


Do you have a dress in which the flesh mesh is not a good match to your skin tone? 



sweetheart neckline, feminine ice skating dress



Odds are good, the poorly matching flesh color detracts from the primary color of the dress.  If you prefer the flesh mesh to blend in nicely with your skin, an easy remedy is to apply a light coat of self-tanner to darker your skin so it better matches the mesh…. Cheating totally works!

If you make your own figure skating dresses, you can use a color mesh that becomes an integral part of the design. Click here to see another Brad Griffies dress that uses color mesh. Or, you can custom dye your mesh like June, the ice dancer. Check out her video here.




The three design elements mentioned above look great on Kylie.  The one thing she does not like about this dress is the cap sleeve design. Since she has nice trim arms, the cap sleeves actually look good on her. However, she is more comfortable skating in a sleeveless dress which does not draw attention to her upper arms.

As I inspected the dress, I discovered it would not be easy to remove the yellow cap sleeve while keeping the flesh mesh. The simplest way to make this a sleeveless dress is to cut an armhole out of all mesh, thereby removing all the yellow fabric that forms the cap sleeve. Watch the video below for more details.



Are you an adult ice skater who prefers sleeves to cover your arms for added warmth and to completely hide the upper arms? 

That’s an easy fix!  Remove the little yellow cap sleeve and replace it at the same attachment line with a longer sleeve of any length.  Adding an elegant, long sleeve goes a long way towards creating a feminine ice skating dress.









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