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Are you tired of your Latin dance skirt or ice skate skirt and want a new look?

When you know how to Sew Like A Pro™ you can remove the old skirt and make two (or three or four) new skirts — for far less money than buying or making a new one! There are lots of other fun changes you can make, which I talk about in my blog Three Steps to Change a Dancesport Gown.

The dress changes in this video allow Nancy, my client, to feel fun and sassy in her new Latin skirt, while feeling “age-appropriate.”  She also gets a ballgown skirt and floats that can be worn for American or Standard dancing.

Originally, Nancy’s dress had a classic Latin dance skirt that started high up on the sides of her legs, and made a sharp V down to her ankles in the front and back. To change the look, I cut off the V at a diagonal angle to make an asymmetrical miniskirt. The cool thing is that I can now slip any skirt I make under the miniskirt, between the leotard and the skirt attachment line.

Skirt #1: The first skirt, which I made as a Latin dance skirt, is an asymmetrical ruffle skirt. Since the ruffle skirt goes under the miniskirt, the skirt is double-layered, which is another neat design element.

Skirt #2: Since Nancy dances Standard as well as Latin, I made a long Standard skirt to wear with this dress. We also added some purple detachable floats to the dress.

Skaters: this detachable skirt concept works great for children as well as beginning to intermediate level skaters.

However, for professional ice dancers or figure skaters, I do not recommend this type of detachable skirt because the speed and body contact may make the skirt slide around too much to be safe.

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We all love to watch the swish of skate and Latin skirts. It's sexy. It's fun. It's beautiful.

Skaters' skirts naturally move a lot because they have speed that dancers don't have. Big time! I was a novice ice skater and I could still fly around the rink pretending to be Superwoman.

Because they have speed, their skirts automatically move a whole lot more than a Latin dance skirt. Lucky them, they don't have to do anything extra to their skirts to look great.

Why do you want skirt movement in Latin dancing? Because it gives the illusion of more hip action. And because it's cool.

To create a fantastic twirling skirt, dancers need to weight the skirt. Using multiple layers of fabric sometimes works. Additionally, I love to use rhinestones to weight the skirt, but that can be expensive. So, my money-saving tip of the day:


It's easy and economical. Find them in the home decorating section of your local fabric store. Next, purchase by the yard or the meter. You'll have big skirt movement for little cost.


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From Teresa Sigmon,
Founder and Designer of Seams Sensational
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