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Our guest model today is Nancy Smith, a ballroom dance student at 3Sixty Entertainment Powerhouse in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She agreed to model her lace and fringe Latin Dancesport dress just hours before she gets on a plane to compete.

Thanks to Lu Willis, one of my Sew Like A Pro™ members, for arranging my access to film here.



Soft & feminine, yet looks sexy

Fringe and lace Latin Dancesport dress, made by Dore DesignsNancy is an accomplished seamstress who likes to alter ready-made dresses or make them from scratch. 

However, the lace and fringe Latin dance dress featured in today’s video was created by Dore´ Designs

The bodice is a single layer of flesh mesh covered in pale blue lace, stones and sew-on jewels. Pale blue fringe finishes the dress. (When buying or making a dress, be sure to use a flesh tone that most closely matches your skin color.)

One of my two favorite features of this dress is the ornate “necklace”. It’s large and eye-catching without being tight on the neck.

Nancy says it feels comfortable, though it’s brand new and at the time of filming, she had not competed in it yet.


Fringe and lace Latin Dancesport dress, made by Dore Designs



My second personal favorite is the clever back openings that eliminate the need for a zipper. This keyhole back looks great and is easy to make!

If you have a dress that needs alterations because the zipper is too tight, consider doing multiple openings like this instead of struggling to add extra fabric and a new zipper.

Another great thing about this back is that it’s sexy, yet conservative. You can make the openings as large or as small as you like.

This mesh back neckline would look beautiful and be functional for any style Dancesport, Country or Skate dress.






3 ways to change the look

  1. Cut the fringe skirt… Have fun with this!  You can change the angle, the length, or both. You can even cut the fringe every time you wear it until you have a mini-skirt.
  2. Add sleeves… You’ll want to also add lace, stones and jewels so the sleeves look like they are original to the dress.
  3. Change the skirt style… Remove the fringe and replace it with an American Smooth skirt or a completely different type of short skirt. Use the image below as an inspiration of how chainette fringe can be used on every style Latin dance dress, Country dance or skating. Click here to see a white fringe Latin dress made by SLP™ member Tammy.




Watch the video for more dress details!


What is your favorite feature on Nancy’s dress?

Would you add sleeves or change the skirt for a different look?

Leave a message at the bottom of the page!





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Thanks again to Nancy for modeling her gorgeous lace and fringe Latin dancesport dress! 

Thanks to Nancy, Patsy Hutchens and Darren Fernandez, at 3 Sixty Entertainment Powerhouse for graciously letting me take up a large corner of the floor while students and teachers danced in the background.



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Fringe and lace Latin Dancesport dress, made by Dore Designs
Fringe and lace Latin Dancesport dress, made by Dore Designs






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