Dress Breakdown: a competition Dancesport ballgown

Dress breakdown competition Dancesport gown

Dress Breakdowns are a favorite training tool of the Sew Like A Pro™ members. Sometimes I choose one because it has design elements I think they should know. Often, the SLP™ members request a dress for me to dissect because they want to use some of the ideas from their inspiration photo on their own…

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Meet SLP™ Member & Country Competitor

Sew Like A Pro™ member, Patsy, performs in a country and swing dance competition wearing a dress she made!

This is as close to a “live” video as I’ve ever done. Patsy and I met for the first time today. We filmed on location at the Portland Dance Festival. Afterwards, we helped decorate the ballroom. Then I rushed home to edit the video and get it out to you. Why the rush, you may ask? The…

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Strong Design Elements Make A Classic Ballgown Shine

5 key design elements for a competition Dancesport ballgown

  Design elements can make or break a competition Dancesport, Country or skate dress. If your dress has too many design elements, the audience gets confused as to where on the dress they should look. Too few key elements and the viewer gets bored and quickly looks away.   What’s a dancer or skater to…

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Standard Floats: Perfect Drapes For Your Ballgown

Teresa Sigmon, how to design the perfect drape for your ballgown

A sumptuous set of Standard floats can make a ballgown more interesting, more versatile and more colorful. They can completely change the look of a dress, making an old dress feel new. Standard floats can be detachable so the dress may be worn for both American and Standard dance styles. Or, for more fun and versatility, change…

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Tired of your Latin or skate skirt? Make TWO options!

Make your own Latin dance skirt

Are you tired of your Latin or skate skirt and want a new look? When you know how to Sew Like A Pro™ you can remove the old skirt and make two (or three or four) new skirts — for far less money than buying or making a new one! The dress changes in this…

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How to turn a wedding dress into a Dancesport ballgown

How to turn a wedding dress into a dance dress

Today’s video is an exciting one. It’s the transformation from a wedding dress to a custom-dyed ballgown. Pat, a long-time client, found her true love late in life. I was delighted she asked me to make her wedding gown! And even more thrilled when we came up with a solid plan to convert it to…

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