Feathers Are Trending. Do You Want Them On Your Dress?

Feathers are hot in the Dancesport, Country and Skate world. Do you want them on your dress?

Feathers are a hot fashion statement in Dancesport, Country and skate dresses. Whether you’re adding a high-impact feather arrangement near the neckline or ostrich boas to the hem of your dress, feathers are trending … for now. Do you want to join in the feather frenzy? Or hold steady with a classic dress that will…

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Rhinestone Glue: Which Is Right For Your Dress?

4 main types of rhinestone glue

Whether you’re replacing missing rhinestones on a dance or skate dress, adding stones to a store bought dress for a quickie showcase costume, or rhinestoning the dress you made, read on to learn more about the four major types of glues that work well for rhinestoning Country, Ballroom and Skate dresses. aa   Please, can…

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How To Dye Flesh Color Elastic

Teresa Sigmon shares how to dye flesh color elastic

Today’s blog addresses a great question posed by a Sew Like A Pro™ subscriber: “I can’t find flesh color elastic to use for shoulder straps. How do I dye elastic? How do I get a good color to match my skin?” Read on to get dying solutions to your elastic dilemma. Thanks to online fabric stores,…

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The Perfect Bra Cup For Your Dance or Skate Dress

Sew the Perfect Bra Cup

Most of us have a love/hate relationship with the bra cups that are sewn in our dance and skate costumes. They’re too hard, too soft, too flimsy, too small, too big, too pointy and too pokey. They’re just dang uncomfortable, yet necessary. They offer support, shape and cushioning in areas that get banged around a…

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How to snip a waistband for a smoother look

How to snip a waistband for a smoother look, Sew Like a Pro™

This one little trick can make a world of difference in how we women look and feel in our dance or skate costumes as well as in our every day clothes. hint: SNIP THE WAISTBAND! Watch this video to learn how you can safely snip, or even remove, the waistband on your hose or tights so…

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Pack A Petite But Powerful Travel Sewing Kit

Teresa Sigmon reveals the contents in her personal travel sewing kit especially for skaters and Dancesport and Country dancers.

If you are a skater or dancer – or the parent of a skater or dancer – you need to carry a travel sewing kit with you on every trip – even if it’s just across town for a day competition. Yes, this applies to you folks who think you cannot sew on a button.…

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Storing Your Skate or Dance Dress

Teresa Sigmon, www.seamssensational.com

                                          Once you’ve found, made or altered that perfect dress, you want to keep it looking great as long as possible. Let’s talk about how to prolong the life of a ballgown or skate dress…

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