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Let’s talk about tummies! …. (Are you thinking, “Do we really have to?”)

How to make a round tummy look flat (for Ballroom, Country and Ice Skating costumes)


The classic, Renaissance female tummy is round and voluptuous signifying health and virility.

Today, that same tummy shape is one of the things we women love to hate about ourselves because the global, first-world society says that we should all have pancake-flat tummies.

In active sports such as competitive Skate, Dancesport and Country events, our bodies are always on display and critiqued no matter what the level of dance or skate.

(Ugh, this means we need to look as good as we can in our costumes no matter what our performance level.)

Do I think we dancers and skaters should have strong abdominal muscles?

Yes, I do; we perform better when in good physical condition.  However, sometimes even the leanest, strongest women can have a round belly she wishes she could get rid of.

Or maybe sometimes you bought a costume at a great price, but it needs altering to make the skirt look flattering on your tummy?  If this is the case, be sure to check out this blog: Latin Dance Skirt Alterations to Fix a Short Tight Skirt.  Of course, these principles discussed in this post apply to all types of  dance and skate skirts, no matter the length.

How to make a round tummy look flatter - for Ballroom, Country and Skate costumesIn a nutshell: (on average) the curvier the woman, the larger the belly.  This means it is even more important to camouflage the negative so the body curves you like can be highlighted.


In today’s video I show you an easy way to camouflage that fluffy belly so it looks flatter and slimmer – no matter what size or shape it is.

I also share a few of the sewing and fitting techniques I used on clients over the decades to help them look slimmer and feel better in their competition dress so they perform their best.

Once of  the easiest, least expensive things  you can do to feel better and help your tummy look flatter is to cut the waistband on your hose, opaques or tights.  Yes,  I am serious!  Cut that damn thing.  It is uncomfortable and not flattering.  Check out this blog post for details on how to cut the waistband without destroying your hose:  How  To Snip A Waistband For A Smoother Look.

Lastly, feel free to pin these images above and check out my Pinterest boards for more costume ideas that may help you look and feel your best in your ballroom, Country or skate dresses … and share this post with all your dancing, skating, sewing friends!

Be sure to watch the video for more details.  All the tips and techniques I share with you apply to all types of Ballroom, Latin, Country and Skate costumes – no matter what size or shape the tummy is!

I look forward to reading your comments below!



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