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Today’s dress showcases an ornate rhinestoned necklace and a low cut back.

While the featured dress is a Dancesport ballgown, these two strong design elements can be tweaked and used for Latin, Country or Skate dresses.

This the second video featuring Nancy. The great thing about doing back-to-back blogs with the same woman in two different style dresses is that you can easily see which design elements look best on her figure.

Why is this helpful?

That old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is true with dance and skate dresses. Photos clearly distinguish between how Nancy looks in both her Latin dress from the last post and in the ballgown seen in this article.

When you’re trying to decide which dress to buy, I highly recommend taking multiple photos from several angles to get an accurate view of what looks best on your body shape and size.


Let’s take a look at the three main design elements of Nancy’s ballgown.

P.S. I do not know who made this beautiful apple green ballgown or I’d be happy to give them credit.



#1 Ornate rhinestoned necklace

rhinestoned necklace is a strong focal point on the Dancesport ballgown


This design element is a wonderful way to have the look of a low cut neckline without showing a lot of skin or cleavage.

The “necklace” is solidly rhinestoned lace over flesh color mesh.

You can make it as wide or narrow as you want depending on how much skin you wish to show.

The same lace is on the detachable floats and at the bottom of the low cut back.






#2 Detachable chiffon/georgette floats

rhinestoned necklace and detachable chiffon floats are strong focal point on the Dancesport ballgown


Having detachable chiffon or georgette drapes are a easy, economical way to use the same ballgown for both Standard and Smooth dance categories.

What if you only dance Standard?

Why would you want to be limited to having only one set of floats? I often make several sets of floats for my clients so they have a fresh look for each category.

If you make your own dashing drapes, the expense is only a few yards or meters or your favorite fabric.

I teach my Sew Like A Pro™ members how to make many styles of floats so they can have as many as they want!

Check out this video if you’re interested in learning more about what else is in the sewing school.

Want more information on chiffon drapes? Don’t miss this article: Standard Floats – Perfect Drapes For Your Ballgown.



#3 Low Cut Back

Rhinestoned necklace and a low-cut back are strong focal points on the Dancesport ballgown


This low cut back looks lovely on Nancy’s tone body. It is well made and hugs her body nicely.

However, for my personal preferences, the horizontal back strap ruins this fabulous V shape.

Nancy says she needs it for the bust support.

I say, okay fine, but do decorative straps that look good and are more effective than this single, horizontal band that often digs into the flesh and causes skin or fat “gush” to creep out from underneath the strap.

Whether you make your own dress or have it professionally made, if you want a plunging, open back like this one, know that you will have minimal bust support.

If you really must have an open back like this one, you’ve got three options:

  • Accept that you’ll have minimal breast support
  • Use decorative straps for beauty and support
  • Choose a back that is not as open as this one



Watch the video for more dress details!


What is your favorite feature of Nancy’s dress?

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Thanks again to Nancy for modeling! 

Thanks again to Nancy, Patsy Hutchens and Darren Fernandez, at 3 Sixty Entertainment Powerhouse for graciously letting me take up a large corner of the floor while students and teachers danced in the background.



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    • Sharon

      Like the color and shape of back. Also like lace on top of floats.

      • Teresa Sigmon

        Yes, this dress has several great features than can easily be adapted for your own dress 🙂

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