Do you already sew women's dance or skate, wedding or prom dresses for income?

Do you enjoy sewing dance-skate costumes for yourself and friends and want to begin making money doing what you love?

Save time.
Save money.
Save your sanity.
Master the business side of sewing for income.

Whether you have an established clientele, or are just beginning to sew for income, join the Dressmaker Business Academy to increase profits and productivity while creating higher customer satisfaction. 

Do you feel overworked and underpaid sewing dance and skate costumes for income?

Have you taken business classes and feel like they do not apply to your specialized sewing company?

Are you interested in earning income creating women's dresses for Dancesport, Country, artistic roller or figure skating?  

Do you feel overwhelmed with all the details and skills required to run a business when all you want to do is make the dresses?

Sewing for income can be a struggle.  Teresa Sigmon shows you an easier way. Dressmaker Business academy for dance and skate costumes.

If you answered YES to any of these questions,
my Dressmaker Business Academy will revolutionize your dressmaking experience.


Why am I qualified to offer this coaching program?

Teresa Sigmon fits figure skating skirt on sewing school member, Cindy R.

Awesome question!

Shortest answer:  I made a LOT of mistakes in thirty years of my dance and skate dressmaking business!

Seriously, just like with my online sewing school, I created the Dressmaker Business Academy to teach you everything I wish I had known in 1992 when I began making custom ballroom (and eventually adding Country and skate) dresses for clients.

My dressmaking company was named, Seams Sensational. You see that name on my website.  I was very, very good at making high-quality, perfectly fitted, high fashion ballroom and country dance dresses.  Really good.

But for the first ten or fifteen years of my dressmaking business, I had no clue what to do with the business side!  My business began in a bedroom making my own dresses and then one dress for income (which took me forever and I made little money), and another dress for income (which took slightly less than forever and I made one penny more).

No joke, I went from making one dress a month to 8-12 dresses a month with 3.5 onsite employees  — all in only fourteen months.  Talk about growing pains!

My business had a profit by accident.  I was exhausted from working what felt like a million hours each week.  I worked more and more trying to stay ahead of the orders.  I was so bad at the business aspect, my employees' pay checks were almost as much as mine and they worked half the amount, plus they went home and forgot about the dress shop.  I thought about it day and night.

Sound familiar, {{firstname}}?  Is that you, or your local dressmaker?

Trust me.  A LOT of “business” things can go wrong when you act like you don’t have a legitimate business, or when you don’t know the ins and outs of running a sewing company for profit.

I am highly qualified to tell you what NOT to do — plus what actually works.  🙂

Teresa Sigmon fits mesh sleeve on dance skate leotard.

Teresa Sigmon fits mesh sleeve on Andrea, the model for Complete+ Program, inside the sewing school.

Don't make the same mistakes I made because I had no one to train me. 

Do not risk your company and your sanity. 

Get the business training you need to succeed.

Consider joining our comprehensive business mastermind-mentorship in 2023.

Teresa  Sigmon


All videos on this page are excepts from live Q&A sessions in the Sew Like A Pro™ online sewing school.

You can expect this type of personalized training on these topics any many, many more aspects of running a successful dressmaking business.

  • q-iconHow long is the live business training?

    The business mastermind meets a total of six times, every other week for eleven weeks: February-April, 2022. (The previous program was five months.)

    Each live meeting is 2 hours long.

    Completing homework assignments will take anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours depending on how comprehensive you wish to go.

  • q-iconWhat if I miss one of the live sessions?

    It is best if you attend all live sessions, but of course, that may not be possible since life gets in the way sometimes. Don’t worry. The replays will be posted within twenty-four hours of the live training session.

  • q-iconAre video replays available?

    Yes, of course! Once you are part of the Dressmaker Business Academy, you have “lifetime” access to all replays so you can watch and re-watch as your awareness increases.

  • q-iconCan I listen to the replays as a podcast?

    Yes, this feature is available in the Dressmaker Business Academy so you can listen-on-the-go.

Would you like to reduce stress, simplify the back-end process and increase profit margins?

Let the Dressmaker Business Academy be your guiding light.
Our next Business Academy coaching program re-opens in January, 2023.

  • q-iconWill there be homework assignments?

    Yes. Each live meeting I offer suggested homework.

    You will be given one “lightning streak” task to implement immediately with your business or clients. This is geared towards clean-up/set-up and improving efficiency.

    You will also be given a more in-depth homework assignment that make take one to three hours to complete.

    Of course, you will learn the most and have the highest success rate if you take the time to complete all assignments as thoroughly as possible.  If you do not complete the assignments when they are first given, you can do them weeks or months later when you are ready.

  • q-iconWill I be able to get answers to my specific questions?


    The point of having a limited number of mastermind participants is so the training is intense and comprehensive with a high learning curve for everyone.

    Each live meeting begins and ends with a Q&A session to answer everyone’s questions.  When one person learns, so does everyone.

  • q-iconWhat topics will be addressed?

    • working with difficult clients

    • time and expense tracking

    • websites, email lists, blogs, social media, etc.

    • pricing for off-the-rack, used, and custom dresses

    • office set-up and efficiency

    • scheduling consultations and fittings with local and long distance clients

    • determining and attracting your ideal client

    • much, much more!

  • q-iconWhen are the live meetings?

    The live meetings will be held the second and fourth weekends in February, March and early April for every month for a total of six sessions over eleven weeks.

    The first live session will be held around the weekend of February 11-14, 2022.

    The exact day and time will be determined once the mastermind participants have been chosen.  There will be people from several countries and many time zones.  I will schedule the meeting day and time after consulting all the participants to see which times work best for the group.

    Once the day and time have been decided, it will be the same every month so your can put it on your calendar well in advance.

  • q-iconHow do I access the training material and live meetings?

    All homework assignments, video replays and bonus training resources are housed on a member-only site.  You will have access as soon as you apply and are accepted.

    The live meetings are held on Zoom. 

    All replays will be available for a “lifetime” in a private membership site.

  • q-iconWhat is the investment?

    Your eleven week live mentorship investment plus lifetime access to all replays, community forum, and homework assignments is $1,595.00 US dollars.

    • You can pay in full, or use a three payment plan option.
    Click here for a currency converter to determine non U.S. pricing.

  • q-iconHow do I join the Dressmaker Business Academy?

    Admission to the Dressmaker Business Academy is by application only.

    To ensure the best quality learning and sharing environment, a limited number of mastermind participants will be admitted.

    We will begin accepting applications in January, 2023 for the next Business Academy coaching program

  • q-iconDo I need to have business experience to join?

    No, you do not need previous business experience, nor do you need to already be earning money from sewing dance or skate dresses.

    What you do need is the ability and desire to sew women’s dance or skate dresses as a source of income — whether you want to make one dress a month or ten dresses a month.  The business tools are the same for all sizes of companies.

    Strong masterminds are built with a wide variety of experience and expertise.  Our Dressmaker Business mastermind is no exception.  

    You will be equally considered whether you are just beginning your sewing business or if you have already been struggling with it for several years.

Do you plan to begin sewing for income and want to learn the tasks needed to make it run smoothly?

Let the Dressmaker Business Academy get you started with ease.
Our next Business Academy coaching program re-opens in January, 2023.

  • q-iconWhat is the refund policy?

    Fourteen days risk free. 

    Fourteen days includes one live meeting and one suggested homework assignment, plus plenty of time to get acquainted with the other folks in the mastermind.

    If you are not certain that this is going to be an enlightening program to revolutionize your dressmaking business – and therefore worth the investment – I will happily schedule a personal Zoom meeting with you to discuss why you feel the program is not right for your business needs. 

    If I cannot meet those requests this term, I will refund all your paid tuition.

  • q-iconHow will I know if my application is accepted?

    1) You must submit an application by January 23, 2022.

    2) Tuition payment must be completed after the application. 

    I will review your application within 48 hours and personally send you an email.

    If you are serious enough to complete most or all of the application, then you will likely be a star in our business mastermind-mentorship program.  However, if for some reason, I must decline your participation this term, your credit card will be immediately refunded.

    To ensure the best quality learning and sharing environment, a limited number of mastermind participants will be admitted. Apply today to guarantee your place in the business academy! 

If you have participated in business or life coaching masterminds before, you know this is a bargain. I personally spend $15,000 dollars a year on only  two masterminds because I want to continue improving myself and my Sew Like A Pro™ offerings.  It is always valuable training.  Everything I learn benefits all aspects of me personally and my company.  The same is true for my Dressmaker Business Academy.

Are you prepared to take a step in YOUR favor: honor yourself, your clients and your business?

Are you ready to get the guidance and support you need to thrive in your sewing business?

Submit your application today to join the Dressmaker Business Academy.

Teresa  Sigmon

Dressmaker Business Academy for those who sew women's dance and skate costumes

Do you feel overwhelmed with office duties, marketing and dress pricing?

Let the Business Academy help you thrive, not just survive.
Our next Business Academy coaching program re-opens in January, 2023.


1) My commitment is to dramatically improve your business skills so you can increase your profits, run the business with more ease and confidence, all the while up-leveling customer satisfaction.

You can participate in the Dressmaker Business Academy risk-free for approximately fourteen (14) days of the live mastermind. This includes one live session plus homework assignment, and as long as the thirteen days before the next live meeting. If you feel the program does not live up to its promise, you may request a full refund.

2) To be eligible for the "I can SEW do this!" refund, you must have attempted the homework assignments and held a private Zoom consultation with Teresa Sigmon so the two of you may discuss what you feel is lacking in the program.

3) No refunds will be considered until between ten and thirteen days after the first live session. No exceptions.

WHY? I put a tremendous amount of work into creating this program. I know it works -- if you follow the system and do the work.

Because I TRULY WANT YOU TO SUCCEED, you must only in the business academy enroll in this school if you are willing to do the work -- even if it takes longer than the eleven weeks of the live mentorship training.

YOU HAVE 24/7, LIFETIME ACCESS.  If you fall behind for any reason, do what you can and let the rest go until such time as your schedule allows. Sometimes your mind may not be able to receive the information I present for weeks or months down the road.  This is why I offer "lifetime" access to all video replays, the community forum and downloadable homework assignments.

P.S. "Lifetime" means: As long as the internet exists.  Until you leave this earth. Or, until several years after Teresa croaks and there is no one to teach the live sessions and pay the bills. 

I believe in you. YOU CAN SEW  DO THIS!