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Remote work?  Van life?  Really? 

Yes. I have been a digital nomad, traveling solo for over four and a half years. 

I run my online sewing school, Sew Like A Pro™, offering all the training you need to make women’s dance and skate costumes, from my camper van or from other people’s homes while housesitting.

True-but-funny story:  I hold live Q&A meetings two or three times a month for the sewing school members.  That’s true, but it is not the funny part.  However, it is the cool part because I get to hang out with the sewing school members socially and answer their dressmaking questions live…  Gosh, we have a great time on the live meetings!

The funny part is: since I have a different background for many of the live dressmaker Q&As, the ladies began asking me every week, “Where are you this time?”  

Teresa Sigmon does remote work with sewing school Q&As Zoom meetings in many locations.


The backstory is that March 2018, I put my sewing machine and other dressmaking supplies, plus my personal belongings, in storage.  My cat and I began what I thought would be a four or five month road trip

I loaded my tiny Kia Rondo car with office, filming and camping supplies, two small suitcases of clothes, a crate of shoes, a food cooler, four gallons of water and a cat litter box.  The packing was complete with cat toys, cat food and one terrifically terrified cat. 

Truthfully, I was as scared as my furry friend. … And with that, I drove off sobbing and thinking, 

“What the  #^*@!  have I done?” 

Remote work involves camping in San Juan Islands 2019, digital nomad, travel cat
My small car held enough for the cat and I to travel 50,000 miles or 80,467 kilometers in two and a half years.  On the left, we are camping on the San Juan Islands, Washington in a beautiful, chilly October, 2019.


My belongings have been in storage since 2018…  with an exception of a few months when I thought I wanted to live in Colorado.  As much as I like visiting Colorado, turns out I don’t want to live there (Covid shutdowns two weeks after I arrived probably did not help my affinity for that state), so my stuff went back into storage a few months later.  I sold my my little car and bought a used camper van from a friend.  Thus, I began living the van life many people say they want to experience.

Since March 2018, my road trip has taken me 80,000+ miles / 128,748+ kilometers.  I have been able to remote work the entire time.

Goodness, have I seen and done some amazing things!  What a beautiful country this is.  (Though really, the entire planet Earth is breathtaking.)

Overall, I am very proud of myself for adapting to new surroundings, often multiple times a week.  My courage level has certainly increased, as has my appreciation of this beautiful country I call home.

I made a vlog about the road trip at the 5-month mark, and again at the 10-month mark.  After those two video posts, I rarely talk about it publicly and seldom post images of my travels. 

Why don’t I share my van life travels? 

My guess is this:

1) Photography is one of my hobbies. I have thousands of images and don’t want to filter through them all to pick a whopping six to share online.

2) It’s been a crazy, personal development journey that I don’t yet understand myself.

3) My laptop is like an appendage. I already spend a lot of time in front of my laptop running and advertising the sewing school.  I don’t want to spend another hour at my laptop each day talking about what I joke is the never-ending road trip.

4) Enough is enough? I figured there were enough van life stories on the web.  Why add mine to the mix?  Plus, the first two years, I didn’t even have a van.  My adventure cat, Sophie Fiona, and I were in a small Kia Rondo!  You can see the car in the image above and in the 5-month blog post.

The camper van was an upgrade two years ago — the first time I gave up trying to find a suitable land-based home. 

Teresa Sigmon does remote work from her camper van at Bonneville Salt Flats Utah, digital nomad, van life
As soon I watched the movie “The World’s Fastest Indian” with Sir Anthony Hopkins, I knew I wanted to go to Speed Week at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. I have not made it to Speed Week yet, but I got to spend a glorious afternoon on the salt flats.  I had full reception and have a great remote work session for a few hours!



Sophie Fiona, the adventure cat, loves the camper van life. Remote work this is doing laundry at fire support.



Oh, how my cat Sophie Fiona loved van life! 

She did not like the movement while I drove, but she loved it when we arrived at a new place.  She thought the van much more worthy of her royal French-Irish blood line that our old car.  😉

Not for one second did she care the roof had major leaks when we got it.  She simply walked around the rain-catching buckets inside the van and nestled on the dashboard to take in the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee while I had a glass of wine and ate pizza.

But Sophie passed away nine months ago and now I travel alone.  I miss her sweet face, soft fur and admirable adaptability more than I can say.

Sophie and I used to love sitting side-by-side with the camper van door open, watching the world go by. 

adventure cat loves van life in a camper van at Mount Saint Helens, Washington.

Sometimes we sat side-by-side in the parking lot of In-n-Out Burger enjoying our meal.  For real.  This always got smiles and a double-take from passersby.

The image on the right is more interesting than a burger joint.  It is Mount Saint Helens in Washington.  Sophie and I went to slept and awoke in this very spot.  It was only the two of us watching sunset and sunrise on the glorious volcanic mountain.

Such is the joy of van life boon-docking.  No tent required.  We can see-sleep-experience a wide variety of places we could not enjoy if we had stayed at “home.”  

Many people say I am living their dream.  Sometimes I agree with them.  Sometimes I just want to go home.

Why am I sharing all this with you?

Maybe so you know I’m a real, live person and not just a face on a website.  (Trust me.  It took a long while to get used to seeing my face everywhere!) 


Before beginning this crazy long road trip, I worked from home alone, creating the Sew Like A Pro™ school.  Neither that nor for my solitary life on the road lends itself to having a well-rounded life.  Therefore, I began a quest to find someone or a class that could help me consciously create a fabulous life with the same accuracy and efficiency I use to turn a paper sketch into a gorgeous 3-D dance or skate dress.

Luckily, I discovered Lifebook  as part of the vast training at Mindvalley (the world’s largest online self-help university).

The Lifebook creators divided life into twelve categories that they have proven should be balanced and abundant to have an ideal life.

wheel of life for those who need to find balance with remote work in a camper van life.


Wait a minute!  Where is the adventure category? 

I aced that one! 

I admit Health & Fitness goes down hill if I’m in the camper van for a long time.  I try to break up van time with cat-dog-housesits via Trusted Housesitters.  Housesits allow me to get a dog and cat fix, give me room to move around, catch up on my work and hold design challenges while I have space and fast internet.  Also, while housesitting, I try to get my bum back into a firm, round shape instead of seat-shaped blob of flesh. 

Are your twelve categories balanced?  Or do you think your life is super off-kilter?  Leave a comment below if you want to share what works or does not work in your Wheel of Life.


…Anyway … Jon and Missy Butcher, the creators of Lifebook say,

For most people, the notion of ‘having it all’ in life can seem downright impossible.  They believe that pursuing success in one area of life will inevitably require the sacrifice of another.

But what if it doesn’t have to be this way?

What if you could have a fit and healthy body, a vibrant mind, your dream career, financial freedom and a passionate romance – all without sacrificing one for the other?”


Over the last 25+ years, I have tried many self-help coaches and programs. 


Because I believe in creating the best possible business and life plus the highest version of me.  A few programs yielded moderate to high success.  Most of them did not produce enough benefits to warrant the time and money invested.

A few months ago when I joined Mindvalley, I discovered a ton of super helpful classes including Lifebook and the world renowned British hypnotherapist, Marisa Peer.  Her Mindvalley program is called “Uncompromised Life”.   I love it!  By far, Lifebook and Uncompromised Life are my two favorite courses in Mindvalley, but there are dozens and dozens included with my pro membership. 

My investment in Mindvalley Pro investment  was nominal compared to an extremely high return in my education and personal growth!  (That sounds like my online sewing school and Dressmaker Business Academy! 🙂 )

Granted, I did my usual thing: I dove in with both feet and a big time commitment.  But I want progress and I am willing to do the work.  I see small but tangible results in only six weeks.  I am pretty stoked about it, which is why I share it with you.  

I work freaking hard to produce amazing dress design challenges and a comprehensive sewing school. Would I tell you about a coaching program that was shoddy?  No.  Absolutely not.

If, like me, you struggle finding a balanced life or just want to improve who you are and how you live your life, Mindvalley is the best online option I have found.  Check it out if it resonates with you. 

(You should know the Mindvalley links are affiliate links.  If you signup using one of these links I will likely make a few dollars in commission.  But I tell you this because I think it is important for all of us humans to be our best and highest self – not because I get paid a lot.)


Again, thanks SEW much for reading this blog. 

I appreciate you following me and Sew Like A Pro™.   Now that I have taken some time out of my camper van to to rest and restore, in a lovely home, I have lots of new ideas for future vlogs and dress design challenges.  I will let you know as soon as the flowers blossom and bear fruit.

I hope you have a wonderful week!

Teresa Sigmon

Wear the best dress to perform better.

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