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Get ready. This is not my usual video post since it has nothing to do with making Ballroom, Country or Skate dresses.

However, the somberness of hundreds of thousands of forest acres burning in Montana, Washington, Oregon and California is worthy of being shared. Please keep our lands, the animals and the people who help keep the fires under control in your thoughts.


One of my most favorite hiking areas is the Columbia River Gorge. I love it and so do many of Portland, Oregon residents.

The scenic gorge that drew visitors from around the world went up in flames on September 2, 2017. It is believed to have been accidentally started when a 15 year-old Vancouver, Washington boy threw a lit smoke bomb into a ravine.

As of this writing, the Eagle Creek Fire which ravages the Columbia River Gorge is the #1 wildfire in the United States due to how fast it is spreading (and other fire fighting statistics).

This fire has the potential to threaten the watershed that provides water to Portland’s one million residents.

As if devastation of this magnitude isn’t bad enough? It was created by an act of stupidity and thoughtlessness by a teenager.


Columbia River Gorge hikes, Eagle Creek fire 2017, forest fire



I filmed the video below from my back porch. Tiny flakes of white ash that look like they could be snowflakes at the wrong time of year are actually bits of burnt trees from the Eagle Creek Fire.

R.I.P. the beautiful Columbia River Gorge. I will not live long enough to see it fully recover.




For more information about how quickly a forest-fighting “tent city” is set up after the fire begins, check out this weblink about incident command post. It has a several great photos and solid information:




Feel free to leave a comment if you have more experience with or personal insights about forest fires.

Thanks for watching.

I hope all is well in your part of the world…. Of course, if you live in the path of a fire on the west coast or a hurricane in the southern US, all is not well in this moment 🙁

Be safe!



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