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Everyone has to overcome setbacks. Sometimes they are tiny and easy to resolve. Often, they are significant and take months or years to recover.

The U.S. is facing tough times these days.

In the west, forest fires ravage four states including some of my favorite hiking areas near where I live.

In the southern U.S., flooding and devastation from hurricanes seem endless.

This is just one country’s troubles. Not to mention the rest of the world.


So what do we do? How can we handle all the obstacles life throws at us — both big and small?

It’s simple, though not always easy: find a way to make the best of a bad situation. Or as the old saying goes, find the silver lining no matter how thin it may be.

Yeah, yeah, this sounds like the same rubbish you hear everywhere, right?

Maybe so. But it’s true.


In the video below, I share my personal story of how a severe hip sprain halted my day-to-day life for almost a year and how I made the best of that situation with three “positives” that helped me see the light at the end of recovery tunnel.

Yes, the little story about my hip sprain is disgustingly trivial compared to hurricanes and wildfires! I am almost ashamed to tell it in light of all that is going on these days, but I filmed it several months ago and now seems like a good time to talk about getting over crazy, rotten stuff that happens sometimes.  Also, a physical injury is a more common type of setback we humans often face, rather than the lose-your-home-in-a-hurricane type of tragedy which I hope none of you ever face. 


Anyway… I hope you watch the video and can take away at least one golden nugget that will help you recover faster from an emotional, financial or physical setback.


overcome setbacks - Mt St Helens, Mt Rainier, Mt Adams
Left to right: Mt St Helens (flat top), Mt Rainier (in the distance, cloud-covered), Mt Adams


P.S. At the end of the video, I share some beautiful footage of a hike I did with a friend in May. See the pic above for a sample from Silver Star Mountain in Washington. Check it out.

P.P.S. This mountain is on the opposite side of the Columbia River. As of this writing, it is not on fire and is still glorious as you see here …. One giant THANK YOU for that!




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overcome setbacks - three ways to make the best of a bad situation


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