Dress Breakdowns are a favorite training tool of the Sew Like A Pro™ members.

Sometimes I choose one because it has design elements I think they should know.

Often, the SLP™ members request a dress for me to dissect because they want to use some of the ideas from their inspiration photo on their own dress.

NOTE: Please, do not ever copy someone else’s dress! Do not ever ask your dressmaker to copy someone else’s dress! It is not fair to you, to the designer, and especially not to the woman who wears the original.

It is okay to use 1-3 design elements from a dress you like, but that is all.

Copying a dress and changing the color is not appropriate. Make the dress unique for yourself or your client.


Dress Breakdown a competition Dancesport ballgown, before

A Dress Breakdown is a great training tool for all women who compete in ice or roller skating, Dancesport or Country — whether you buy ready-made dresses or make your own.



Why are the Dress Breakdowns so useful?


Dress Breakdown a competition Dancesport ballgown, after
Design lines created to help discern the true lines of the dress.

In general, they help you understand your “inspiration dresses” so you can decide which styles are right for your body shape (or your clients).

Each Breakdown I do is unique, focusing on a different dress with different design elements. I often suggest ways to improve a design based on certain body types as well as how to change the dress so it is suitable for a different style of dance or skate.

In today’s video, I breakdown competition Dancesport gown as requested by one of the Sew Like A Pro™ members.

This excerpt is from one of the SLP™ video calls I host live, twice monthly.

While this is the first Dress Breakdown excerpt I have made available to the public, I anticipate this is the first of many. I hope you enjoy it.










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Dress Breakdown: dissect a competition Dancesport ballgown

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