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Hey everybody!

Sorry I’ve been off the chart for a few months. I’ve been recovering from a severe low back/hip sprain that left me in horrible pain and mostly unable to walk or stand upright for several months. It’s a little tough to smile for the camera under those conditions 🙁

Despite a frustrating, slow-healing injury, I’m VERY grateful it was not worse. I’m equally grateful that while I could not participate in my usual life for the last three months, I’ve finally had time to finish the sewing school I began two years ago.

Watch this quick video to find out what I’ve been up to, what the latest film projects are and how SEW LIKE A PRO™ is progressing … P.S. It’s READY!

What is SEW LIKE A PRO™?

It’s an online, world-class, member only sewing school created especially to teach ballroom and country dancers, ice and roller skaters how to make their own professional quality costumes.

In the next few days I’m kicking off the release with two brand-new, extended training videos.

Be on the look out for a video called “Discover Your Perfect Neckline.” The tips I offer here are brilliant for dance/skate costumes as well as your street wear. You don’t want to miss it.



Thanks for watching!

From Teresa Sigmon,
Founder and Designer of Seams Sensational
Creator of the Sew Like A Pro™ training series

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Training material for the PATTERN MAKING module in the SEW LIKE A PRO™ training series -- teaching YOU to make professional quality dance and skate costumes.



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