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Meet one of my heroes and our model in this video, 82 year-old Faye. She competes in Dancesport Latin, American Smooth and has just begun Standard. Let me tell you, she’s a powerhouse competition floor and an entertaining performer!

For this week’s blog, I dove into the Sew Like a Pro™ courses.

This video is the first of three fittings with Faye. It is part of the module on how to properly fit a leotard and sleeves for Ballroom, Country and skater dress leotards.

This video focuses on her sleeves and was done after I had fitted the main part of the leotard.

I hope you enjoy this sneak-peek into one of the Sew Like A Pro™ training videos.

P.S. After filming this, I discussed with Faye about how snipping the waistband on her panty hose creates a smoother look about her tummy.



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(whether on yourself or on a client)

  • Lose the modesty and go for honesty!
  • Whether you design for yourself or someone else, being truthful about your "good" and "bad" body parts will always yield the best fitting and best looking dress for YOUR body shape and size.
  • So in other words:
  • don't say you're going to lose weight and make the dress too tight in hopes your waist size decreases
  • don't let fashion trends dictate you wear a neckline that is too low for your modesty level or that exposes body parts you don't feel comfortable showing
  • Save time and money with this simple tip of only cutting out one sleeve for the 1st fitting. That way if the sleeve is too long or too short, you only have to recut one sleeve - not both.
  • When making a dress for yourself, it's a good idea to do one, or even two fittings, on yourself or the dress form before cutting out the sleeve. ... Why? The better the dress fits, the more accurate you can fit the sleeve the first time - and save yourself lots of little tweaking.
  • Yes, sleeves are a great way to cover and tighten that hanging muscle we love to hate, the tricep. See this SLP™ blog for more mesh sleeves.
  • Sleeves also offer excellent bust support. Because sleeves help shape and support the entire neckline, they offer much better bust support than the average shoulder elastics.
  • Mesh sleeves in particular can be used to attractively cover your back without looking matronly.
  • Use decorative straps! If you need ideas, do an internet search for evening gowns with "criss cross straps" or check out this Sew Like A Pro™ blog.
  • Wider straps are best for fleshy or large-boned women:
  • they offer the best bust support
  • wider straps are more comfortable than thin straps
  • they appear to "dig in" less than narrow straps and therefore look more appealing
  • Narrow straps are best for petite bodies. However, if you need good bust support or want to give the appearance of covering more flesh, use multiple straps.

Thanks for watching!

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From Teresa Sigmon,
Founder and Designer of Seams Sensational
Creator of the Sew Like A Pro™ training series

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