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Is an asymmetrical neckline right for you? Join me today and find out!

In this video, I had the privilege of filming on location at one of Dance Fit Oregon’s studios.

Pat is the guest model. She and I have worked together for over fifteen years. When we designed Pat’s first ballgown and Latin dresses, we lived in different states: she in California, me in Arizona. Curiously, after several interstate moves, we both landed in the Pacific Northwest so we now get to work face-to-face on all her creations.

As you can tell, we had a good time.

Pat competes in the Pro/Am categories in Latin as well as Standard and American styles. Thus, she needs a lot of high caliber dresses.

To make her dance budget last longer, she spreads out new dress purchases about every two years and has me update the older dresses in-between so they stay fresh with current trends without a large out-of-pocket expense.

Today, we discuss options for updating her Standard gown, focusing on an asymmetrical neckline that will compliment her body.


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Key Features That Work Well

  • The asymmetrical neckline helps create a nice 'twisting' effect suitable for enhancing her dance frame.
  • The asymmetrical neckline is also great for counterbalancing her asymmetrical hips.
  • Detachable floats make this dress easy for travel and convertible for American style.
  • Detachable floats also allow an easy, inexpensive way to change the look of the dress by changing the color and/or the shape of the floats. You can even change floats between rounds. How fun is that?


Items That Need to be Changed to Update the Dress for Current Trends

  • Shorten the skirt 1"-2" or 2.5 to 5cm.
  • Create a more flowing look by adding a third layer of skirt underneath the layers.
  • Change the hem from straight to curvy by adding fishing line, boning, or horsehair (known as crinoline outside the U.S.)
  • Add ruffles, chiffon tendrils, or even feathers to complete the fluffy look that is coming back into style now. (Luckily these items are easy to remove when the trend returns to sleek.)


Thanks for watching!

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From Teresa Sigmon,
Founder and Designer of Seams Sensational
Creator of the Sew Like A Pro™ training series

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