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This is as close to a “live” video as I’ve ever done.

Patsy and I met for the first time today. We filmed on location at the Portland Dance Festival. Afterwards, we helped decorate the ballroom. Then I rushed home to edit the video and get it out to you.

Why the rush, you may ask?

The lovely lady in today’s video is Patsy, a Sew Like A Pro™ member. She is competing in this weekend’s country and swing dance competition wearing a dress she made!

This is an awesome blog for SEW many reasons:

  1. on location at the Pacific Northwest’s premier country and swing event,
  2. first time ever filming a Sew Like A Pro™ student. 

Patsy has been in the school for a year. She was one of the ten “pioneer” members who signed up during the very first enrollment.

I got to see several of Patsy’s creations today:  one dress she made before enrolling in SLP™ as well as two of her first dresses after enrolling. What a difference in quality with this dress she made and wears in this video!

Patsy no longer has to make do with piecing several store-bought patterns together and then figuring out how to make them work. She made her very own custom pattern thanks to the pattern making module in the course.

Patsy said whenever she re-watches the Sew Like A Pro™ training videos a few months later, she learns something new every time.

I told her the same thing happens with dance or skate lessons; our coaches often tell us the same thing 50 times before we get it. We can only learn new information as fast as our brains process the older stuff. 🙂

If you wish to learn more about the online sewing courses and which one may be right for your dressmaking needs, visit the sewing programs page.


Check out the video for more details and see Patsy’s fabulous dress.

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