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Almost every Dancesport, Country or Skate dress can be changed for weight loss or weight gain, to update it for changing trends, or to give it a fresh look so it feels new. In fact, you don’t even have to start with a ball gown. Think outside the box. For example, a friend of mine and I created a dancesport gown out of a wedding dress.

Today I offer 10 ways to customize or change a ballroom gown — including ideas to turn it into a Latin or Skate dress.

Before I roll off my 10 favorite ways to re-make this ballgown, I want to beg, plead and implore you to never, ever copy someone else’s dress. It’s not fair to you, the dressmaker or the person wearing the gown.

We dancers, skaters and dressmakers often use an “inspiration dress” to propel us to greater design heights. That’s okay!

You can use one or two interesting design elements.
You can maybe even use 50% of your “inspiration dress”, but any more than that and you cross the line on copying.

Think of it as plagiarizing in the writing world.

While there are not yet any written laws preventing duplicating another person’s dress design, it is common courtesy and common sense to always make an original design.

After all, no one wants to walk out onto the floor or glide out into the rink and have a fellow competitor wear a similar dress. 🙁


With that being said, watch the video for more details, but here is my list of 10 ways to change this competition ballgown into a totally new dress:

    1. Latin or skate skirt: keep the top, but add short georgette/chiffon godets with lots of rhinestones.
    2. Latin or skate skirt: keep the top and shorten the skirt to a miniskirt, which can be flared or straight. Add a 4″/10cm black rhinestoned band to the hem of a mini skirt.
    3. Latin or skate skirt: keep the top, add a short fringe skirt.
    4. Standard gown: add chiffon/georgette floats…a swanky drape changes everything!
    5. Standard gown: add skirt volume with godets or an extra layer with ruffles.
    6. Standard gown: Add skirt volume by installing fishing line, crinoline/horsehair, or Rigilene boning.
    7. General design: add sleeves! They can be 1) mesh with rhinestoned bracelets or a rhinestoned border 2) black lycra fully stoned to match the other black lycra areas of the dress.
    8. General design; add a 3-D element, such as flowers or feathers.
    9. General design: create a longer look by replacing the flesh colored straps with black straps.
    10. General design: use a different combination of stones instead of tone-on-tone. Reference your color wheel to make sure you choose colors that look good together.


0 Ways To Change A Ballroom Or Skate Dress




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10 ways to change a ballgown to use for any style Ballroom, Country or Skate competition

10 Ways To Change A Ballroom Or Skate Dress

10 Ways To Change A Ballroom or Skate Dress

10 Ways To Change A Ballroom Or Skate Dress

10 Ways To Change A Ballroom or Skate Dress


Thanks for watching!

What is your favorite idea to change the look of this dress? 

What would you do this was your dress?

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    2 replies to "10 Ways To Change A Ballroom or Skate Dress"

    • Skylar Williams

      I really like your idea to add short georgette/chiffon godets with a lot of rhinestones to make a Latin or skate skirt. My daughter loves ice skating and she told me that she wants to start competing. I’ll keep this tip in mind as I search for a competition outfit.

      • Teresa Sigmon

        Fabulous, Skylar! I’m glad you liked that tip. Often times it pays to think outside the box as the saying goes. Chopping off a ballgown skirt and turning it into a short skirt for Latin or skating is fun 🙂

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