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So was yesterday. I turned 47.

But then again I thought I was 47 last year too. Of course, my mom corrected me quickly since if I was an extra year older, so was she.

Oh, but you want to know why yesterday AND today are my birthdays? You see, I was born in the car before midnight (plopped right out onto the front floorboard) and wasn’t legally registered until after midnight the next day. Thus, two birthdays.

That explains a lot about me, don’t you think?

Teresa Sigmon celebrates birthday with a good friendI took yesterday off – completely off, as opposed to working a few hours like I normally do on my “day off”.

I spent a lovely day with Laura, one of my BFFs. We had a leisurely lunch and window-shopped in Hood River.

My still-recovering hip sprain did okay with the town’s hills. Of course, since I cannot yet walk uphill like most people, I crab-walk or serpentine like a drunk fool.

As I staggered along the sidewalks, I told Laura she could pretend not to know me. She took me up on that offer.

This past year has been one of my most difficult and most rewarding years.

Difficult because of the sacroiliac sprain I sustained last October and because of the hundreds of hours I put into Sew Like A Pro™.

Rewarding, because my first-ever online sewing class is in full session and is a giant success!

Sew Like A Pro™ has 10 member: 8 Americans and 2 Australians.

They do a stellar job participating and supporting each other on the community forum and on our private Facebook group. They even send me emails with questions and their personal updates.

Every time I read the member’s comments, I am SEW grateful for the entire experience – good, bad, happy, sad, trying, enlightening. It’s been one heckuva ride.

To wrap up my birthday weekend, I want to share a few comments from the Sew Like A Pro™ members. I really couldn’t be more proud of myself or them.

" From this class, I've determined (whether right or wrong) you have a heart of gold and want to give everyone the very best (which you have) and everything which could make us all very successful, (also, which you have).

When you are re-thinking and tweaking your class options. you might want to reconsider what you provide in your basic class. Personally, I LOVED that you gave us so much because the information was FABULOUS!

However, I had to think you were also giving us way more than what we paid for the class. Thank you for being so wonderfully generous!"

in Washington, USA

"I still can’t imagine the amount of work and care that you have put into this program.  It does seem to be almost a full college semester (or more) worth of knowledge and material!  

I’m really glad you had the idea and the drive to follow through on what had to be a massive undertaking and I am truly appreciative!  

I had actually thought about asking a particular designer if I could come apprentice with him, but I’m really glad I found you instead :)"


"[My favorite thing is that] the style of the class is very casual and you make it fun with little stories thrown in of things that have happened to you or something funny someone said at one time.

It almost feels like I'm working on a project with one of my friends and less like I'm being lectured to. You seem to be having fun with the class (though I know it's tons of work!) and I know that I am having a great time trying new things."














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