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How fun! Today’s video features competitive ballroom dancers Nina (age 9) and Lazar (age 11), and the youth Latin dance costumes I made them. I want to introduce them to you and discuss some of the challenges many parents and seamstresses have while costuming their children.

This is video one of three featuring youth Latin dance costumes. Once their costumes are all finished you’ll get another view of both Nina and Lazar in their outfits. Thanks to their fantastic coach, Anya Klimova-Preston for letting us take over her studio to film this video.

When designing your child’s costumes a few topics constantly arise:

  • how to make them look great for as little money as possible
  • how to make the costumes versatile for several dance styles
  • how to make the outfits adjustable and expandable so they "grow" with the child
  • how to do all the above while following the amateur costume rules!


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Click here to see how handsome Lazar looks in his completed pants and vest.

To see Nina's brightly colored dress with dual skirt combinations, click here.


PARENTS & COACHES: When you're considering buying or making a costume for your child, be certain to read and follow the rules carefully so your child is not disqualified during the competition.

NOTE: Often times there are different rules for each dance level, with fancier, more revealing costumes allowed in the more advanced categories.

Know your child's dance category.  Know the costume rules for that category.

Here are links for several countries. Check your country's rules before beginning a project. 






(Download the "2015A Dancesport Rule Book". Dress rules begin on page 23)




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