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“How do I choose the best colors for my dance or skate costume?” is the question I tackle in today’s blog.

When it comes to choosing the perfect colors for ballroom, Latin, Country dance as well as ice and roller skating costumes, it’s easy to get overwhelmed or confused because you have a lot more color options than you might wear in your street clothes. 

Here are three things to consider – and five economical tips – to help you get color-wise so you choose your costume colors with confidence. 

#1 Which colors and styles look good on me?

aIt pays to know what looks good with your hair color, your skin tone as well as your body shape and size.

I suggest you read my previous post Discover Your Best Colors and Styles  for details on how to fine-tune your best colors and clothing styles. 

#2 Do I tan for shows or competition?#a

Since I’m naturally the color of Casper, the friendly ghost, I slathered on the fake tan while I competed professionally. It’s not a lot of fun unless you like stink and mess and staining the inside of your clothes. However, in the competitive dancesport arena, fake tans are almost mandatory for pale-skinned men and women.

Lucky for Skaters and Country dancers, they have more leniency as to whether they tan or not.

On the bright side of fake tans, you have more costume color options when you’re tan than when you’re pasty white — which can, of course, complicate your decision-making.

#3 Which costume colors look good in my performance arena?a

It pays to consider your venue when choosing your colors.

For instance, an ice skating arena: it’s virtually all shades of white. Pale pinks, pale yellows, and white tones don’t show up as well as bright or dark colors because they blend in with the ice and the often-white border surrounding the rink. 

Rollerskating rinks and ballrooms used for Country and Ballroom events have a giant brown floor. As a result, beige, olive, and brown shades should be crossed off. You’ll just blend in – especially if you’re a lovely shade of fake tan!

One of the single best ways to make sure your costume shows up in your performance arena and stands out against your competitors is to use multiple colors on your dress. 

To accomplish this, you can use a combination of colorful fabrics or bring in extra colors  with lace, fringe or rhinestones.

Be careful though, you want to stand out because it's an awesome, brilliant color combination, NOT because it's a funky, not-so-great combination. 

Use these five easy, economical tips to discover which colors look beautiful and appealing together so your costume looks fabulous.

  1. Pick up color sample cards at a paint or hardware store so you can compare contrasting colors. These samples are usually free and are grouped by intensity, hue, and saturation.
  2. Purchase a color wheel at your local art supply or craft store. For a few dollars, you'll get the easiest, most full-proof way of color combining so you always have perfect colors.
  3. Pay attention while you're out shopping or flipping through magazines. Home decor, bedding, and even kitchen stores have appealing color schemes. These companies spend millions creating appealing displays to sell their products. You might as well use their knowledge to look good in the rink or on the floor.
  4. Buy fabric samples that have color combinations you like. Once you have a cluster of colors you like, deciding on the rest of the dress is easier.
  5. Let the internet help. Do a quick image-only search for a particular color. You'll get instant results showing a variety of shades and really cool color combinations.

Bonus: Check out my Pinterest page. Looking at ballgown and skate dress inspiration photos will give you a better idea of how certain colors will look on a dress.

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You don’t need to be an artist or designer, or have a fancy art degree to learn enough about color combinations.

With the tips above, you'll always know which color combinations look fabulous and which ones looks dreadful (so you can avoid those!).

Most importantly, keep in mind what YOU look good in and where you’ll be when you’re wearing your own design.

Thanks for watching!

What colors look good on you?

What colors do you think don’t work together?

Do you have a color tip you’d like to share?

Do you have any other tips you want to share, or want me to expand on in a future post?

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From Teresa Sigmon,
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