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My dream when I created Sew Like A Pro™ was to create an online sewing school that would help people (mostly women, of course) turn their dreams into something they could wear on the dance floor or in the ice rink.

I wanted to teach folks to make professional quality dresses like they see on the Olympics or on Dancing With The Stars. I wanted women to feel beautiful and confident in their ballroom, Country and skate costumes and have pride in knowing they can make dresses for themselves, their daughters or clients.

Today's video is an interview with one of my Sew Like A Pro™ members about her first-ever ballroom dance dress.

Thanks SEW much to Teri for sharing her home and her sewing room at the end of a long work day. It was certainly a pleasure meeting her for the first time!

Teri is a ballroom dancer. She wants to create elegant dance dresses inspired by the fashion world instead of looking like a "costume".

She enrolled in both the Complete Ballgown and the Advanced for Latin, Skate, Gowns. Her goal was to make competition Standard gowns for herself.

The ballgown featured in this video is the first one she's ever attempted. It is not finished yet because as all seamstresses know, sometimes "life gets in the way" of our sewing projects. Such is the case with Teri's dress.

Teri and I laughed and had so much fun I was in tears at one point. Well, okay. I wasn't in tears because I was laughing so hard (though we laughed a lot!)  I was crying because Teri said the darndest thing.

When I asked her if she felt the Sew Like A Pro™ was what she wanted when she enrolled, she said before I could even finish my question:

"Totally. The first two pages [modules] were worth the cost of the class.

It was exactly what I was looking for. It had everything that I needed. It had all the answers to my questions.

I was able to take my first attempt and make a body suit without any problems."

If you want to join Teri in one of the Sew Like A Pro™ courses,

Enrollment is open until March 10th, 2018 @ 9pm PST (UTC -8 hours)

If you are new to Sew Like A Pro™ and wish to know more. Click here for more details.


I hope you are inspired by Teri's work-in-progress to begin making your own competition ballroom, Country or skate dress. Enjoy the video!



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