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Have you ever wondered whether or not you should have fringe on your Latin or skate dress? You are in the right place to get the pros and cons of using chainette fringe!

Fringe is popular in both Latin dancing and ice skating because it creates the illusion of a lot of movement. It goes with almost anything. You can even make a fringe skirt for a stretch velvet ballgown!



1. Lightweight. That’s part of what makes it so mobile.

2. Durable.

3. Highly versatile. If one strand gets too long you can always snip it off and no one will notice. You can also change the shirt by cutting off the strands at a different angle.

4. Economical.

5. Long-lasting. Because you can keep trimming the occasional wayward fringe strands, the majority of the skirt will last for a long time and still look good.

6. Lots of movement.



fringe on ice dance dress. Teresa Sigmon shares tips on choosing, making or altering competition Dancesport, Country of Skate dresses.
Thanks to Nick Verreos for a great blog post with amazing photo




1. Static! Sometimes fringe will start getting static. When this happens, take the dress outside and spray it with StaticGuard, and that should take care of the problem.

2. It tickles a lot, so if you’re really ticklish, fringe might not be the best option for you.

3. Don’t get it wet! Fringe unravels and stretches when it gets wet, and washing it shreds the bottom, so don’t wash your ice dance or Latin costume with fringe on it.

4. Some of the strands will unravel. When this happens, just snip the longer strands off.


Overall, fringe makes a really neat addition to an ice dance costume or Latin dress. You can use it in long, neat lines or in textured layers like it is on this red ice dance dress. And if fringe is not the look you want, no problem. Ruffles are another great skirt option, and can create lots of movement.


Check out the Sew Like A Pro™ Pinterest FRINGE BOARD  for more ideas!


red fringe in action, Teresa Sigmon shares tips on choosing, making or altering competition Dancesport, Country of Skate dresses.






In North America:

Decorating Studio.com — Tennessee, U.S.A.

Crystal-Clover.ca — ChrisAnne Clover’s sister store in Canada

Crazy Crow — Texas, U.S.A.


In Europe:

ChrisAnne Clover — England

DSI-London — England


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fringe on skate dress, original link - http://nickverrreos.blogspot.com/2012/11/figure-skating-costume-minute-nhk_27.html
Thanks to Nick Verreos for this fabulous fringe photo.


black fringe Dancesport dress, photo by Parkwest Photography. Teresa Sigmon shares tips on choosing, making or altering competition Dancesport, Country of Skate dresses.
Fringe is best when multi-layered for lots of texture and movement.















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    • Brad Erwin

      I liked it when you mentioned that you can always snip off strands if they become too long. My daughter is looking for a cool Latin dress for a costume party next month. I will be sure to recommend she make her own and find some chainette fringe to add some extra style.

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