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If you are a skater or dancer – or the parent of a skater or dancer – you need to carry a travel sewing kit with you on every trip – even if it’s just across town for a day competition.

Yes, this applies to you folks who think you cannot sew on a button.  Safety pins and elastic can work miracles even for the sewing challenged. 😉

Now that you’re convinced you need one, what do you put in your “save-the-day” travel sewing kit?


Watch this video for a list of the essential items, a few professional tips – and some possible emergency uses!

There’s no need for note-taking. I created a handy FREE download to keep on your computer or phone so you know what to pack or buy.

I created a comprehensive list for those who are professional dressmakers or like to be prepared to help out dancers and skaters in need.

For you non-sewers, I created a list with the bare essentials so you’re not overwhelmed, yet you still get to come to the rescue with handy items.

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