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Which sewing programs are available? +


Sorry, but at this point in time no individual modules are being released. I’m not sure when I will make those available.

For the foreseeable future I want to focus on what will most help you learn to SLP, which is, of course, the complete programs because they have everything you need in a logical, easy-to-follow sequence.


This video was filmed before the Complete Latin-Skate was its own program.

What is the difference between the BASIC and ADVANCED programs? +


Both COMPLETE programs contain comprehensive training that walk you through every step of the dressmaking process.

No short cuts or training is left out the “basic” program. No magic steps are included in the "Advanced" program.

Think of it in terms of cooking, a gourmet chef has impeccable must-know skills that allow her to make either a casual evening meal or a more complex 4-course dinner. No matter which type of meal she chooses to prepare, she uses the same basic skills.

More complex dishes require more ingredients and more sauces than quick meals. Gourmet dishes also require more time, more work and more experience to pull it all together.

So with that in mind, the concept of "basic" versus "advanced" is not as much sewing-related as it is design-based.



NOTE 1: The Advanced Program is not currently sold as a stand-alone program.

The Basic Programs compliment the Advanced Program and help address common, every-day dressmaking issues that arise for all types of costumes.  The Basic Programs offer techniques not taught in the Advanced Program and give you the must-know "basic" skills to move on to more complex designs with greater ease.

NOTE 2:  I suggest everyone - even experienced dressmakers - begin with one of the Basic Programs.

I teach topics and new techniques to a specific level of detail and depth, ensuring you become the best dressmaker possible.  Current SLP™ members tell me What and How I teach is very different from anything they did before enrolling.  The Basic Program was helpful for them to get a solid foundation and proper Sew Like A Pro™ skills.

Besides, if you enroll in both programs, you will have access to the Advanced bonus in thirty days so you can jump over there after a few weeks of basic boot camp and pattern making. 🙂


What is the detailed curriculum taught in each weekly module? +

Scroll the remainder of this sub-page for all the written details in each module.

Truthfully, not all the training is included here.  It wouldn't all fit on each page ... and I keep adding training videos or imagers to the membership site!  Oh, I didn't say free upgrades are included?  They are.



What do current students say about the class? +


Below are just a few of the comments members made on the community forum available at the bottom of each module page AND/OR on Facebook. This doesn't even show the emails boasting similar success and happiness with the course!

These are simple screenshots of the real thing, posted each step of the way.
















How do I enroll? +

Sewing school is currently closed for enrollment because class is in session.

Please leave your name and email address above to be notified when enrollment reopens next month.

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