You requested information at the perfect moment.

Sew Like A Pro™ is now available for year-round enrollment.

My mission is to help you realize your full potential as a designer and dressmaker so you, or your clients, always look and feel fabulous.

It is my pleasure to offer you two free, extended training videos whether you enroll in the school or not.

Each video has a free full-color PDF download that accompanies it and offers further training. I recommend you do the homework assignment in the NECKLINE SUCCESS video and use the FITTING GUIDE to help you create a perfectly fitted body suit.

I look forward to hearing about your "golden nuggets" of each video.


Yes, I want enrollment information and two training videos!

By leaving my name and email address, I understand I will receive about two weeks worth of promotional material regarding the sewing school, plus 3-4 emails a month for the Sew Like A Pro™ newsletter. I can unsubscribe from either the newsletter list or the sewing school information list at any time.

I don't see the tuition listed anywhere. What is the cost? +




I chose not to list the prices for several reasons.

The primary reason is that while you check out my sewing programs, I am interviewing YOU and your dedication to learning.


My Sew Like A Pro™ courses are VERY comprehensive with 11-weeks of active training and 24/7 "lifetime" access so you can work through the courses as fast or as slow as fits your schedule.

It is not a $100 pair of sneakers you can decide in an instant whether you like enough to purchase.

It's also not a Craftsy class you enroll in for $39.99, complete in a few hours and then enroll in the next level - or buy another course to make a project in only two hours.

Making competition-quality Dancesport, Country and Skate dresses takes perseverance and dedication. It may take you 20-60 hours to make a dress depending on how complex your design is, how many decorations or rhinestones the dress has and how skilled you are.

It may take you a week or six months to complete each dress. Either timeline is okay, but know it is a time commitment.




My sewing school has everything you need all in one place to learn to make competition-quality Dancesport, Country and Skate dresses -- including a global sewing community and direct access to me to help you through every single dress if you want that much help.

The Sew Like A Pro™ courses are also a significant emotional, money and time commitment for those who wish to excel ... just like everything in the dance and skate worlds. Except I offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee which few other services in these industries offer.


Furthermore, most dance studios don't list their lesson prices on their website. Many business and life coaching companies do not list their prices either. Why is Sew Like A Pro™ not listing the tuition any different?




I'm a stickler on this because if you say you want to learn to make high-quality competition dresses, then I want to teach you everything I know - which begins with the two bonus videos I mentioned above.

Why should you watch them?

1) It's great (free) training for those who truly want to make competition dresses.

If you watch the videos, comment, get the free download, I know you're serious and will be a good Sew Like A Pro™ member. I've seen it time and time again.

Though I admit some members find me on YouTube and sign up immediately without ever having seen the two bonus videos.


2) Watching the videos gives you a chance to get a feel for how I teach and to decide if you like learning from me and via videos.

Some folks don't like watching videos enough to enroll in the course. Since the primary training is video-based, you should know whether or not you are okay learning from videos -- before enrolling.

Even our live Q&A calls which I hold every 2-3 weeks are video meetings so I can see the members and their dresses "live".


3) You get to watch me multiple times and therefore decide if you want to watch/listen to me for 50+ hours of training videos!

Let's face it... I'm in every video in the sewing school.

If you can't stand the sound of my voice, or think I'm silly or boring, or otherwise cannot stand to watch me in those two free training videos, you should not enroll in the school. You'll be miserable and won't get much out of the courses!


4) The sewing school is detail-oriented because I want you to be a great dressmaker.

I have given you every bit of knowledge I could on the member site. What is not on the member site, I happily divulge on the live Q&A calls when a member asks me.

If you have a short attention span and can't watch videos longer than five minutes or if you don't like reading something that is longer than a text with emoticons, you should not enroll.


So the point is, I feel that I have more dedicated members enroll when the tuition is not readily available and folks like yourself "have" to jump through a few hoops and "suffer" through some free, awesome dressmaking training before finding out the course curriculum, tuition, bonuses, and money back guarantee.

Meaning, you have to commit:

to yourself, to your sewing, to being the best dressmaker you can. Even if all you do is watch the free training videos and get the awesome downloads I created just for it.




Subscribe to the watch the two free videos. On the same page there is a ton of information about the school that may answer all your questions.

The third video in the series offers you even more details about the Sew Like A Pro™ plus the opportunity to enroll on the spot so you can begin exploring the courses right away.


As Teri, one of the SLP™ members, said when I interviewed her last year, "It's like a family."

I agree. And I would love to have more kind, motivated, high-quality people enroll.


If you decide to enroll, you don't have to be active all the time. Life doesn't work like that. I get it, which is why all the training and downloads are available 24/7.

Come and go as you please, but your time here should be dedicated because there is a lot of information in the school.


I hope this answers some of your concerns and shows you how serious I am about my sewing school and its members.

I look forward to see you in the sewing room very soon.


I was not able to sign up during the last enrollment period, but I'm ready to dive now! How can I enroll today? +




Fantastic! I'm SEW delighted you're ready to join our sewing family!

Email me directly at teresa@seamssensational.com so I can send you the weblink for the enrollment page.



The curious thing about the members in the Sew Like A Pro™ courses is that 50% of them sign up as soon as they find me on the internet. The other 50% wait 9-15 months before enrolling. It's almost an exact divide. Go figure! 🙂


If during a previous enrollment period you did the following:

  1. watched the two bonus training videos (and perhaps got the downloads)
  2. viewed the final video talking about all the details of the course including bonuses, tuition, curriculum and 30-day money back guarantee (or downloaded the full-color brochure with all the same details)
  3. decided you must join the school right now!
  4. then...


Email me directly at teresa@seamssensational.com so I can send you the weblink for the enrollment page.

I'll see you in the sewing room soon!


Sew Like A Pro™ member, Teri.

This is Teri's first-ever ballgown. Her mom taught her to be a quilter and therefore she is good at hand-sewing.

She had not made a custom pattern, worked with stretch fabrics or made a dance dress before enrolling.

Sew Like A Pro™ member, Sherri.

She had made a couple Dancesport dresses before enrolling in the school.

Two years later, the quality of her work has improved tremendously and she is able to make more dresses in the same amount of time. She currently makes dresses for women at her studio and for herself.

(I am wearing her latest creation. It's impeccably done.)

Sew Like A Pro™ member, Kelli Lynn.

Kelli Lynn enrolled in the courses and began immediate work on the dress you see here. She wanted to be able to wear it for the 2019 Adult Figure Skating Championships where she won her event.

Congratulations, Kelli Lynn on a beautifully-fitted dress and on your win!

Sew Like A Pro™ member, Nikki.

For years, Nikki had been making do with altering used dresses.

When she found this fabulous black and red fabric at her local fabric store, she enrolled in the courses so she could learn to make her own pattern and dresses properly.

She wears her first-ever competition dress start to finish.

Sew Like A Pro™ member, Patsy.

Country dancer Patsy had been making her competition dresses for a while before enrolling in the SLP™ courses. Every dress she struggled with piecing several store bought patterns together and then altering the dress a lot of make it work for dance.

Now, she makes all her own custom patterns and makes dresses for friends also.

 Watch the ten minute video montage above for a sneak-peek into the actual Sew Like A Pro™ courses.