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Learn to make Dancesport ballgowns,

COMPLETE BASIC BALLGOWN: everything you need to look great! Basic is not boring.

Learn to sew Latin & skate dresses,

COMPLETE BASIC LATIN / SKATE: everything you need to look great! Basic is not boring.

Learn to sew advanced Ballgown, Latin, Skate dresses,

COMPLETE ADVANCED #1: add an accent color, shape or fabric to ANY type of dress - skate, Latin or ballgown

Learn to sew advanced Ballgown & Latin dresses,, Parkwest Photography

COMPLETE ADVANCED #2: make the leotard & dress separate for ultimate smooth lines. Great for Latin or ballroom

Teresa Sigmon,, Learn to make a custom dance & skate pattern

Measuring & Pattern Making

Have Teresa Sigmon design your dress while you make it.

Custom Designs

Learn to sew asymmetrical dance & skate necklines,

Asymmetrical Necklines

Learn to sew ballroom Standard floats,

Standard Floats

Learn to sew Latin & skate skirts,

Latin / Skate Skirts

Learn to create perfectly fitting mesh sleeves,

Sheer Mesh on Upper Body

Learn to sew gathered bodices,

Gathered Bodices

Learn to sew detachable Latin skirts,

Detachable Skirts: Latin & Ballroom

rhinestoned bracelets and accessories,

Rhinestoned Accessories: bracelets, earrings & more!

rhinestoning tips and techniques,

Rhinestoning Tips & Techniques: must know info for every dress

perfect fitting zippers,

Perfectly Fitted Zippers: regular & invisible

Teresa Sigmon, founder of Seams Sensational, creator of Sew Like A Pro™ training series

Video chat with Teresa Sigmon, creator of Sew Like A Pro™ training series, about your dress

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Learn to make Dancesport, Country and Skate Dresses.

Teresa Sigmon created Sew Like A Pro™, the world's first and best online sewing school designed especially to teach ice and roller skaters, Dancesport and Country dancers how to make professional quality costumes for themselves or others.

Each Complete Program  has over fifty hours of instructional videos, hundreds of tutorials photos and dozens of downloads that are released in a logical, easy-to-follow sequence over eleven weeks.

You have lifetime, 24/7 access to all training material.

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