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Which  one  will  revolutionize  your  dressmaking?

How to make a competition Dancesport ballgown. Get complete ballgown training with the professional tools and tips you need to succeed.
How to make a competition ballgown, Latin, Country, skate dress. Get comprehensive training on working with mesh, skirt yokes, fringe, rhinestones.

Action-Takers  Bonus!



Are you ready to stop wasting time and money trying to alter ready-made dresses that don't fit you well?

Are you ready to have a dress that stays in place so you don't have to tug on it to keep it in place?

Are you ready to stop struggling with the sewing and fittings every time you alter or make a dress?

Are you ready to give up staring at $3,000-$10,000 price tags on ready-made dresses and feeling angry they are so expensive or sad that you can't buy one?

Are you ready to have the confidence to earn money making costumes for other ladies at your studio or rink?


Think about it.

When you make one professional-quality dress for yourself and you more than paid for this course.

You have the opportunity to earn enough money to recoup your tuition investment with only a few dress sales.

Do you really want to wait another day to enroll?


Click the pink button to ENROLL and you get both programs for only one tuition.

I, and your fellow students from eight countries​, look forward to seeing you in the ​sewing room.


Which courses are available? +


In a sense, it’s ready now…

You skaters and Latin/Rhythm dancers don't need ballgown skirt training! (Unless you make gowns for other dancers and skaters.)

So that you don’t have to wait another day to begin making your dream dress, I created a giant Latin/Skate course that can replace the ballgown skirt training

These three Latin/Skate skirts are versatile, high-impact and have lots of movement.

Please inquire if you are interested in adding this to the COMPLETE BALLGOWN PROGRAM or if you wish to replace the ballgown skirt training...  teresa@seamssensational.com





Sorry, but at this point in time no individual modules are being released. I’m not sure when I will make those available.

For the foreseeable future I want to focus on what will most help you learn to SLP, which is, of course, the complete programs because they have everything you need in a logical, easy-to-follow sequence.


What is the difference between the BASIC and ADVANCED programs? (special videos inside) +


Both COMPLETE programs contain comprehensive training that walk you through every step of the dressmaking process.

No short cuts or training is left out the “basic” program. No magic steps are included in the "Advanced" program.

Think of it in terms of cooking, a gourmet chef has impeccable must-know skills that allow her to make either a casual evening meal or a more complex 4-course dinner. No matter which type of meal she chooses to prepare, she uses the same basic skills.

More complex dishes require more ingredients and more sauces than quick meals. Gourmet dishes also require more time, more work and more experience to pull it all together.

So with that in mind, the concept of "basic" versus "advanced" is not as much sewing-related as it is design-based.



A few of the items are exactly the same in both programs:

measuring and pattern making
bra cup & elastic bonus training in modules 4
the 1.5 hours of training of "must know" rhinestoning tips


Some modules overlap the types of information offered, but are further specialized for the particular program. These modules include:

design and materials
cutting, basting and sewing


By popular request I recently decided to co-share these two programs:

mesh sleeves and upper body mesh coverage = original to the Advanced program, is now included in the ballgown program. ​​​​​​​This includes training to make mesh sleeves that cover the chest and back but has no armhole seams.

complete basic ballgown skirt training = original to the ballgown program, is now included in the advanced program.

straight and fluted skirts
godets and gores
hem techniques: fishing line, crinoline (horsehair), rolled edge


Please watch the video (top of this page) or read the brochure (the next two Qs in this section) for more details about the curriculum and the exact schedule.

Please watch the video above (with the black and white dotted dress) beginning at about the 13:00 mark for photo examples of both basic and advanced dresses ... OR ... watch the two short videos below made especially to introduce each of the programs.



The COMPLETE BASIC BALLGOWN program is the only place you will find:

      • chiffon/georgette drapes (i.e. "floats")
      • lace: choosing, application, how to paint and dye
      • feathers: full boas and how to make tiny clusters
      • special ways to create additional skirt volume and flare including ruffles, points and swags


ADVANCED #1 FOR LATIN, SKATE AND GOWNS is the only program offering:

      • beading
      • fringe
      • yoke attachments for ballgowns, Latin and skate skirts
      • complex cut-away designs that create accent shapes



If you are new to dance and skate dresses, the BASIC BALLGOWN PROGRAM is perfect!

It walks you through every step of the entire process.
NOTE: I do not recommend the Advanced Program for those who are new or have minimal experience with making dance and skate dresses.

If you are an experienced dressmaker, either program is great.
You will learn all the essential skills, professional tools and tips you need to improve speed and efficiency on your "basic" and "advanced" designs.

If you are a moderate-level dressmaker,
the ADVANCED PROGRAM may leave you feeling overwhelmed with using multiple types of fabrics, applying skirts yokes and/or creating special cut-away design areas.


Ultimately, the program choice is your decision based on your sewing skills and design needs.

I would love to chat with you to discuss which option is the best way to revolutionize your dressmaking needs so you can save money, make money and have flexibility in costuming.

Feel free to email me directly with any questions or to set up a time for an online video call: teresa@seamssensational.com


The two videos below are the actual introductory videos for each program. Watch these brief clips if you wish a visual representation of the written material you just read.

PLEASE NOTE:  Upper body mesh as shown in the Advanced Program is now included in the COMPLETE BALLGOWN PROGRAM! ... it was added after the video was made 🙂

What do current students say about the class? +


Below are just a few of the comments members made on the community forum available at the bottom of each module page AND/OR on Facebook. This doesn't even show the emails boasting similar success and happiness with the course!

These are simple screenshots of the real thing, posted each step of the way.
















How do I enroll? +

Click the pink ENROLL buttons above or below this tab.

You will be prompted to choose in which COMPLETE PROGRAM you wish to enroll. Click the appropriate button. You will be redirected to Simplero or PayPal to pay with a credit card.


Want more information?

Look below.

Sew Like A Pro™ member, Teri.

This is Teri's first-ever ballgown. Her mom taught her to be a quilter and therefore she is good at hand-sewing.

She had not made a custom pattern, worked with stretch fabrics or made a dance dress before enrolling.

Sew Like A Pro™ member, Sherri.

She had made a couple Dancesport dresses before enrolling in the school.

Two years later, the quality of her work has improved tremendously and she is able to make more dresses in the same amount of time. She currently makes dresses for women at her studio and for herself.

(I am wearing her latest creation. It's impeccably done.)

Sew Like A Pro™ member, Kelli Lynn.

Kelli Lynn enrolled in the courses and began immediate work on the dress you see here. She wanted to be able to wear it for the 2019 Adult Figure Skating Championships where she won her event. Congratulations, Kelli Lynn!

Sew Like A Pro™ member, Nikki.

For years, Nikki had been making do with altering used dresses.

When she found this fabulous black and red fabric at her local fabric store, she enrolled in the courses so she could learn to make her own pattern and dresses properly.

She wears her first-ever competition dress start to finish.

Sew Like A Pro™ member, Patsy.

Country dancer Patsy had been making her competition dresses for a while before enrolling in the SLP™ courses. Every dress she struggled with piecing several store bought patterns together and then altering the dress a lot of make it work for dance.

Now, she makes all her own custom patterns and makes dresses for friends also.

(This PDF is a large file at 28MB due to many images. Once clicked, the file may download automatically to your default download file. Please check there.)

Watch a 9-minute video compilation of the courses

Take a tour of the member's site


1) My commitment is to improve your costume-making ability, to help you SEW LIKE A PRO™.  You can participate in the program risk-free for up to 30-days or four (4) modules - whichever comes first. If you feel the program does not live up to its promise, you may request a full refund.

2) To be eligible for the "I can SEW do this!" refund, you must submit your completed homework (including all documents and forms that contribute to each module) as well as photos of your design, pattern and body-suit-in-progress.

3) No refunds will be considered until after the release of the third module. No exceptions.

WHY? I put a tremendous amount of work into creating this program. I know it is effective -- if you follow the system and do the work. I TRULY WANT YOU TO SUCCEED, you must only enroll in this school if you are willing to do the work -- even if it takes longer than the 11 weeks over which the class is released.

YOU HAVE 24/7 "LIFETIME" ACCESS. There is no hurry. There is no excuse for not learning the professional tools and tips you need to succeed in making dance and skate costumes.

P.S. "Lifetime" means as long as the internet exists, until you're gone or several years after I have left the earth, whichever comes first.


I believe in you. YOU CAN SEW  DO THIS!


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Please note, tuition price is in U.S. dollars. Depending on where you live in the world, the conversion rate could mean your investment is lower.  Click here for a global currency converter.

How to make a competition Dancesport ballgown. Get complete ballgown training with the professional tools and tips you need to succeed.
How to make a competition ballgown, Latin, Country, skate dress. Get comprehensive training on working with mesh, skirt yokes, fringe, rhinestones.