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Most dressmakers have a home sewing room, not a large office space where they can store a million sewing items and not worry about it being tidy or pretty.

If you’re lucky, you have a dedicated space so you can shut the door when it’s messy.

My guess is that a lot of home sewing rooms have to serve more than one purpose like the room featured in today’s video.


home sewing room that doubles as a guest bedroom

In today’s video, we tour one of the tidiest, most organized home sewing rooms I’ve ever seen.  The trick is that this space also serves as a guest bedroom so it has to look good and be functional for a house guest too.



home sewing room

How does Rhonda, the keeper of this space, pull it all together so the room is functional for sewing, tidy for guests and maintains her personal decorating tastes?

She combines innovative organization with items she cherishes.

Many of the items she uses the most:

  • scissors,
  • threads,
  • rotary cutter,
  • hooks & eyes,

are cleverly stored in canning jars, hampers, wicker baskets or in an old, tin bread container.

Antique cast irons, patina thimbles, and spools of thread from her grandmother merge the sewing aspect with her love of antiques.



home sewing room, organization is crucial

While the every-day items are out in the open (but well camouflaged), the sewing room closet contains a lot of other common items that do not necessarily look good on display.

Once again, organization is crucial.

Clear, stackable containers and good labels are a must if you want an efficient home sewing room that helps your sewing projects go faster and easier.




Check out the video for more details.

If you have a home sewing room tip you wish to share, leave a message at the bottom of the page.



P.S. The video has a surprise visitor. Can you say “#catphotobomb” 🙂



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      Cool room!! Extremely organized and efficient. Loved the pattern cabinet. So nostalgic 💕

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