What is Sew Like A Pro™?

Sew Like A Pro™ is the world's first and only interactive, online sewing school that teaches you how to design, pattern, cut, sew, fit and decorate professional quality ice and roller skate, Country, Latin and ballroom dresses for women.

Each comprehensive program is accessed through a private, member’s only website.

Teresa Sigmon, creator of the SEW LIKE A PRO™ training series, teaching YOU to make professional quality dance and skate costumes

I hope you'll take a few minutes to look around your personal mini membership site.

The training that is offered here is the actual material in the school, though it is only a very tiny portion of over 100+ hours of training that is available in each of the core training programs: Complete Latin-Skate and the Complete Ballgown Programs.

That does not include all the additional training in the Complete+ Program!

Plus, I am constantly adding more training and updates to the program.

Please introduce yourself at the bottom of the page and tell me what your hopes and worries are about making competition dresses for yourself, your daughter or for clients.

Teresa Sigmon

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Please introduce yourself.

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Are you a ballroom or Country dancer? Ice or roller skater?

Do you sew for yourself or others?


  1. My daughter is 11 years old and I want to make her ballroom and Latin costumes but am not sure how to start.
    I can use a basic sewing machine.
    I can hand see.
    Other than that I am a complete novice. I can’t find any books. I am looking for a starting point.

    • Hello Jane. Thank you for the comment.

      Jane, I don’t know if there are any books on how to make a ballgown or Latin dress. I know there used to be a set of DVDs that cost $600. I learned about them from some of my sewing school members who bought it before enrolling in my interactive, online school. They signed up for my school because even trying to use the DVD set, they were not able to make the dresses they wanted. I do not know if these are still available for sale.

      Honestly, Jane. My sewing school is the place to learn to make professional quality dance and skate dresses!

      It’s fun, comprehensive and literally teaches you every skill I used in the thirty years I made dresses. You have 24/7 lifetime access to the membership site so you can work at your own speed. I also offer live support 2-3 times (called Dressmaker Mentorship Program) each month to help the members keep moving forward when they are stuck or have a problem.

      There have been several women who signed up for my sewing school and barely knew how to use her sewing machine. I did not know this until they sent photos of their completed dance or skate dress with a note confessing they didn’t know how to sew when they enrolled! It is rather amazing, I admit. But it has happened several times. … I wish I could show you their dress photos in the comment section, but cannot. 🙁

      I also have several Sew Like A Pro™ members who make costumes for their daughters or granddaughters the same age as your daughter. The skills they learn are particularly helpful as the child begins developing breast and waist curves that are hard to make patterns for and fit well.

      Hands down, Jane, my sewing school is the place to be if you want to learn to make Dancesport, Country and skate dresses! If you sell the dresses you make, you have the possibility to recoup your investment in a hurry.

      Please let me know if you have any more questions. Also, sign up to receive my emails and newsletters so you get free training along the way.

      Best wishes. I hope to see you in the sewing room!

    • Melanie,
      My sewing school can help you do that! Your dresses will be SEW good, you can sell them to reimburse the cost of your fabrics and rhinestones, plus recoup the cost of Sew Like A Pro™ sewing school tuition.

      It’s the investment with a great ROI 🙂

      I hope to see you in the school very soon!

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What is the difference between
Dancesport, Country and Skate dresses?

Every woman has arms, legs and body curves.
Every woman moves, bends, stretches, spins, and jumps.
Every woman's dress must stay in place and look good on her.

So what is the difference between the dress styles?

Ruffles are fabulous on all dress styles. (Even ballgown skirts have ruffles.)

All dress styles use skirt yokes.

Both dancers and skaters love wearing mesh!

After looking at the images above, can you tell me what the differences are?

Every design is unique as it should be. Yes, there are subtle differences between the dress styles that allow it to adapt to its own style of dance or skate.

However, all of these dresses are made using the same construction principles. You will learn those principles in these Sew Like A Pro™ programs. You will learn everything you need to know to create competition-quality dresses like the ones you see above.


Whether you decide to enroll or not, I ask that you please let all types of competition dresses be your inspiration. Do not label dresses as "dance" or "skate" to the extent it hinders your ability to see the potential of every design. Keep an open mind.  You will be a better designer and dressmaker if you do.

Admire dresses by Sew Like A Pro™ members.

Three comprehensive sewing programs are available for immediate enrollment.

How to make a competition Dancesport ballgown. Get complete ballgown training with the professional tools and tips you need to succeed.

Complete Latin-Skate Program.

How to make a competition Dancesport ballgown. Get complete ballgown training with the professional tools and tips you need to succeed.

Complete Ballgown Program.

How to make a competition ballgown, Latin, Country, skate dress. Get comprehensive training on working with mesh, skirt yokes, fringe, rhinestones.

Complete+  for Latin Skate and Gowns  is available as an upgrade after enrolling in either the Complete Latin-Skate or the Complete Ballgown Programs.