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Dancesport Ballgown Design MasterClass by Sew Like A Pro™




FREE 4-Day Dancesport Ballgown Design MasterClass!

January 21 - 24, 2021


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Learn how to design figure-flattering Smooth and Standard ballgowns for Dancesport and Country that flatter your womanly figure. 


Get live, online training every day for four days in a FREE 4-day Dancesport ballgown design master class.

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dancesport ballgown design masterclass





Each design masterclass or challenge varies depending on which type of dress is the focus, plus the amount of time allotted for each class.

However, the general goals are:

  1. Participants gain clarity and objectivity in looking her own body, or her clients' figure.
  2. Each participant learns how to dissect inspiration dresses to determine specific design elements.
  3. Combine steps 1 and 2 to design a Latin or Country dance, skate dress or a ballgown that flatters your womanly figure.


"Designing  a figure-flattering dance or skate costume is more science than art.  It's about knowledge - knowing how to determine what works on each body shape and what will likely not look good."

Teresa Sigmon



dress design masterclass for ballroom dancers and ice skaters

dress design masterclass for ballroom dancers and ice skaters


Amanda participates in three dress design masterclasses







  • DAY 0:  Your pre-challenge training begins even before the first official day of the challenge. 
    • Dress analysis:  How to determine which front and back necklines look good on which body shapes.
    • Discover which colors are best with your personality, skin tone and hair color and why it is important to know these things. 
  • DAY 1, January 21, 2021: 
    • How to create a custom sketch template.
  • DAY 2, January 22: 
    • Body analysis: Is your body symmetrical or asymmetrical?
    • Neckline sketches on your new, custom sketch templates.
  • DAY 3, January 23: 
    • 60/40 ballgown skirt rule.  Perfect for ballroom and country dancers!
    • Tips for making your tummy look flatter and your hips curvy.
  • DAY 4, January 24:  
    • Paper dolls:  Pull all the training together and create sketches during the live training.
    • Design Standard gown floats and accessories for all styles of  Country and Dancesport ballgowns.



All live video training for the ballgown design masterclass January 21-24, 2021 will be at the global times shown below. 
NOTE:  I will also be offering impromptu, live video training between January 13 and when the class officially begins on January 21, 2021.


dancesport ballgown design masterclass


For more global time zones, click here.



dancesport ballgown design masterclass





Country and ballroom dancing ballgowns, all SLP or Seams, smooth dancing, Standard dance dress





LIVE VIDEO TRAINING:  Every day during the MasterClass or Challenge timeframe - January 21-24, 2021 - I host a live design training video conference.  Each session lasts about two hours.

Please note:  as soon as you register for the Dancesport Ballgown Design MasterClass, you can begin training with lessons already loaded to the site.  I will also be doing impromptu live coaching before the class officially begins.


DAILY HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS:  I also suggest daily homework assignments. How much (or how little) you choose to do is up to you.  Of course, the more active you are, the more you benefit.


PRIVATE WORKSPACE ON FACEBOOK:  All homework downloads, live video replays and the group design discussions are available on our private design Facebook workspace until the end of the challenge or masterclasses.


JOIN THE TRAINING SESSIONS LIVE OR WATCH REPLAYS:  All live design training videos are hosted on Zoom.  You can watch them live on Zoom or on Facebook.  If you or other participants have related questions during the live call, I am happy to answer them.  If you cannot make the live training, the replays are posted in the group's private Facebook page and are available to watch until the end of the masterclass or challenge.


DRESSMAKER APPRENTICESHIP TRAINING:  If you wish for even personalized design training or dressmaker training, each masterclass or challenge I offer a 3-Day apprenticeship series that is only available to a limited group.

  • The apprenticeship group is limited to only 20 people so you have personalized attention for your sewing or fitting problems. 
  • In addition, you have the opportunity to learn from other apprenticeship member's questions.    
  • All three sessions are live, customized Q&A sessions held on Zoom. 
  • Each video call lasts 1 - 1.5 hours. 
  • Replays are available until the end of each masterclass or challenge.
  • No holding back. No trade secrets withheld. I will answer all your dressmaker questions as openly and accurately as I would my Sew Like A Pro™ members. 
  • These apprenticeship sessions are gold mine of information for those of you who sew dance or skate costumes, or who want to begin making them!

I hope to see you in the design classroom and in the dressmaker apprenticeship training!

Teresa Sigmon




dress design masterclass for ballroom dancers and ice skaters praise 8





dancesport ballgown design masterclass





Are you tired of competing in costumes that have the wrong neckline and offer no bust support?
Are you fed up wearing dresses that have the wrong skirt shape for your thighs?
Do you really want another competition dress that makes your tummy look bigger?


What if you knew which dress design elements look best on your body shape and size?

Do you think if you looked beautiful in your Country or Dancesport ballgown  - accentuating all the right curves - that your performance would improve? 



How do I know?

I know, because I used to compete professionally in Theater Arts and American Rhythm in the ballroom world. 

That's me on the right, flying through the air.

After making a lot of competition dresses for myself and hundreds of clients,  I know how a dancer needs to feel in her costumes. 

I have heard almost every success story and costume-melt-down story during my 30+ years of making custom dresses.

Also, my Sew Like A Pro™ sewing school members in fourteen countries, add further testimony to how important a proper design is for competition costumes.


How you look and feel when you glide onto the rink or walk onto the dance floor makes a tremendous difference in how you perform.

In my Dancesport Ballgown Design MasterClasses, you will get the tools and training you need to design your own perfectly-sculpted dress that flatters your figure. 

This design class is ideal for beginning and advance dancers and skaters! 

I hope you can set aside a few days to join me in the ballgown design masterclassYou'll be glad you did. 😉

Yours in dance, skate and sewing,

Teresa Sigmon



ballroom dance costume figure skating dress design challenge praise 7




dancesport ballgown design masterclass






ballroom dance costume figure skating dress ice dance artistic roller skating skate dress design master class


dress design masterclass for dancers and skaters




dancesport ballgown design masterclass




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