Overcome Setbacks: make the best of a bad situation

3 ways to help overcome setbacks that can make life difficult, Teresa Sigmon hikes Silver Star Mountain, Mount Hood

  Everyone has to overcome setbacks. Sometimes they are tiny and easy to resolve. Often, they are significant and take months or years to recover. The U.S. is facing tough times these days. In the west, forest fires ravage four states including some of my favorite hiking areas near where I live. In the southern…

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Are You a Starter or a Finisher?

starter finisher strengths for dressmaking, dance skate performance

  Want to learn your dance or skate routines faster with less stress? Need to know why you love some aspects of dressmaking and despise others? Know your strengths to maximize your dressmaking plus your Dancesport, Country, Skate performances. Many business and personal development coaches tackle this “starter finisher” topic. Not one of them addresses…

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In This Moment: Lessons From My Cat And Dog

This Moment - lessons from my cat and dog

I live in a place that seldom gets snow and when we do, it’s only a little bit that melts in a day or two. However, here is my view in this moment. 10″ / 25.5 cm of snow dropped in only 14 hours.   Last night I went for a walk in the middle of…

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Stop And Appreciate Beauty All Around You

a On December 25th, 2016 I spent a glorious day alone on the Oregon coast at Three Arch Rocks National Wildlife Refuge. The magnificence of that day inspired me to share an easy technique I began doing several years ago. It has made a world of difference in how much I enjoy my life and…

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[personal update] Bad “stuff” always offers good opportunities

Pattern Making from Teresa Sigmon, founder of Sew Like a Pro

Hey everybody! Sorry I’ve been off the chart for a few months. I’ve been recovering from a severe low back/hip sprain that left me in horrible pain and mostly unable to walk or stand upright for several months. It’s a little tough to smile for the camera under those conditions 🙁 Despite a frustrating, slow-healing…

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Look and feel better fast

Look and feel better fast, Sew Like a Pro™

Smile or laugh. Yes, it’s that easy. It works on the physiological and emotional levels. And, it works when you’re dancing or skating – as well as in real life. This photo-merge image you see here is really two screen-captures from a video my mom recorded while she and I were on a volunteer trash collecting vacation on…

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