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Happy New Year, everyone! 

Before we move too far into 2019, I wanted to share some of my 2018 special moments with you.

I created the video below to offer a quick recap of my 10-month 2018 road trip plus when I worked fire support in November, 2018 for the devastating Camp Fire in California.

On the sewing front, Sew Like A Pro™  is doing the best ever! My online sewing school reached the 50-member mark in December. We have amazing sewing women in eight countries. I could not be more pleased with how my dream has come to life.


Just a few days ago, I received this email from one of the newer Sew Like A Pro™ members:

“Teresa, I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy almost every minute (except the ones where I am struggling with my bodice) of Sew Like A Pro.

I enjoyed sewing before entering your sewing school, but being part of SLP took it to a whole new level. I’ve found a new hobby that enriches my daily life and that gives me a lot of joy and passion.

So a big ‘thank you’  for creating such a fun, inspiring and helpful school that makes sewing for my beloved dancing so amazing :)! 

All the best from Germany,



Thanks to all my amazing SLP™ students as well as those of you who stayed tuned into my free blogs and training videos.


2019 is gonna be awesome. I have a lot of new material to release in 2019.


Do you want to learn to make competition-quality Dancesport, Country and ice skating dresses? Enrollment opens February, 2019! If you’re new to Sew Like A Pro™, get more information here.


I’ll let the video catch you up on everything else. Talk to you again soon.






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For more fun facts about my time working fire support at incident base, check out these blog posts.

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