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I live in a place that seldom gets snow and when we do, it’s only a little bit that melts in a day or two. However, here is my view in this moment. 10″ / 25.5 cm of snow dropped in only 14 hours.

this moment snow blankets where I live

Last night I went for a walk in the middle of the blizzard. I threw snowballs left and right handed, just because I could. (I suck at throwing left-handed.) I also made two snow angels. Just because I could.

I enjoyed every moment until I got cold, and then I enjoyed being in front of the heater.

fade-leftfade-rightIn This Moment

I remember a particular day in 2009 as I watched my Golden Retriever, Chelsey “Waggle Butt” Sigmon, as she ran through the park.

Each pine cone she sniffed was the best ever. Every blade of grass was the best ever. Every spot where other dogs had visited was the most fascinating thing – ever.In this moment, Chelsey "Waggle Butt" Sigmon enjoys everything around her.

And then she turned to look at me, tongue hanging out, head tilted to one side, to make sure I knew this moment, right now, was the best ever.

My eyes were opened for the first time. She was happy. She loved life and everything about it. She was pure, unadulterated bliss.

I wanted some.
I wanted to know how to emulate that joyful state of being.
I wanted to be my dog.

I learned so much from her, my beautiful, loving red head.

She’s been gone almost seven years. I confess to missing her dearly.

Though, of course, in lamenting her absence I also confess that I am not “being present”. I am not “in this moment” which is beautiful and snowy and full of promise for a brilliant day and life.

fade-leftfade-rightIn This Moment

You guessed it!

The topic of this personal blog is “life lessons from my cat and dog”.

Enjoy your moments. Be present. Quiet the voices in your head. Don’t be sad or regretful over the past. Don’t worry about the future. Just… be… where you are … right… now. Accepting what is in this moment.

Check out the video to hear about the bagpipe-playing-Buddhist-Spainard who charmed me, helped me and then disappeared 🙂

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