How to turn a wedding dress into a dance dress

How to turn a wedding dress into a Dancesport ballgown

Today’s video is an exciting one. It’s the transformation from a wedding dress to a custom-dyed ballgown. Pat, a long-time client, found her true love late in life. I was delighted she asked me to make her wedding gown! And even more thrilled when we came up with a solid plan to convert it to…

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Teresa Sigmon reveals the contents in her personal travel sewing kit especially for skaters and Dancesport and Country dancers.

Pack A Petite But Powerful Travel Sewing Kit

If you are a skater or dancer – or the parent of a skater or dancer – you need to carry a travel sewing kit with you on every trip – even if it’s just across town for a day competition. Yes, this applies to you folks who think you cannot sew on a button.…

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Teresa Sigmon, Bree Blevins,

How to add mesh sleeves to a Dancesport or Skate dress

Each custom dress I make is a collaborative effort between the client and me: taking into consideration her body shape and size, performance needs as well as her personal fashion tastes. In this video, we add mesh sleeves to a ballgown I made for Bree in 2006. When I originally made the dress for Bree,…

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How to create longer-looking legs, Sew Like a Pro™

How to create longer-looking legs

I love this style and color combination on Pat, our model. The dress is sexy yet sophisticated and age-appropriate without being boring. It also has a lot of little surprises such as: a removable sleeve, two-tone mesh and a trompe-l’oeil plunging back. Meet Pat, a fantastic lady and long-time client. She competes in Rhythm, Smooth and Standard. Today…

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Mesh Sleeves, Sew Like a Pro™

Client Fitting with a Focus on Sleeves

Hi Folks, It’s Teresa here. I’m excited because I dove into the Sew Like a Pro™ training programs for this week’s blog. Once the programs are up and running, hundreds of hours of videos like this is only available through the membership site when you register for the course. Let’s call this a sugar-free splurge 🙂…

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Teresa Sigmon,

Storing Your Skate or Dance Dress

                                          Once you’ve found, made or altered that perfect dress, you want to keep it looking great as long as possible. Let’s talk about how to prolong the life of a ballgown or skate dress…

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Asymmetrical Neckline, Sew Like a Pro™

Is an Asymmetrical Neckline right for you?

In this video, I had the privilege of filming on location at one of Dance Fit Oregon’s studios. Pat is the guest model. She and I have worked together for over fifteen years. When we designed Pat’s first ballgown and Latin dresses, we lived in different states: she in California, me in Arizona. Curiously, after several interstate moves,…

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Turn a store bought dress into a competition ballgown, Sew Like a Pro™

Bargain Dress Becomes A Dancesport or Skate Costume

One way to save money and still get a great dress is to pick a dress off the bargain rack from your favorite clothing store and customize it to fit your Dancesport, Country-Western or skating costume needs.      P.S. I recommend a stretch one so it’s most comfortable and will move with you. In…

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