Discover Your Best Colors And Styles

Teresa Sigmon helps you discover your best colors and styles

Over my years as a dancer and seamstress, I’ve heard hundreds of questions about choosing the best colors and styles for Latin and Country dresses, ballgowns and skate costumes. The truth is that it is all based on YOU – your body shape and size, your hair and skin colors. I want to give you…

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It’s my birthday!

Teresa Sigmon, creator of Sew Like A Pro™

So was yesterday. I turned 47. But then again I thought I was 47 last year too. Of course, my mom corrected me quickly since if I was an extra year older, so was she. Oh, but you want to know why yesterday AND today are my birthdays? You see, I was born in the…

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The Perfect Bra Cup For Your Dance or Skate Dress

Sew the Perfect Bra Cup

Most of us have a love/hate relationship with the bra cups that are sewn in our dance and skate costumes. They’re too hard, too soft, too flimsy, too small, too big, too pointy and too pokey. They’re just dang uncomfortable, yet necessary. They offer support, shape and cushioning in areas that get banged around a…

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Vacation blog! Praise from a new Sew Like A Pro™ member

Vacation blog, Seams Sensational

I made this impromptu video while on a road trip with my dad, traveling around the Ozark Mountains in northern Arkansas and southern Missouri. No, I’m not a workaholic! I work a few hours each evening after he has gone to bed. 🙂 Despite the fact I have no makeup on and it’s 9:30 at…

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[personal update] Bad “stuff” always offers good opportunities

Pattern Making from Teresa Sigmon, founder of Sew Like a Pro

Hey everybody! Sorry I’ve been off the chart for a few months. I’ve been recovering from a severe low back/hip sprain that left me in horrible pain and mostly unable to walk or stand upright for several months. It’s a little tough to smile for the camera under those conditions 🙁 Despite a frustrating, slow-healing…

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Nina’s (age 9) Standard & Latin costume is ready

Teresa Sigmon, creator of the SEW LIKE A PRO™ training series, teaching YOU to make professional quality dance and skate costumes

When Nina, her mother Liza and I met, the nine-year old was calm and confident, knowing exactly which colors she wanted. As the design process went along, versatility was a big topic of conversation since Nina needs to be able to grow into the costume – both physically and emotionally. Also, youth dancers often do…

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Lazar’s (age 11) Standard & Latin outfit is finished

Lazar's boys youth latin dance costume

Okay, so Lazar and his partner Nina are too cute! We had a blast filming. The bloopers (and there were a lot) are so fun I had to include at least a little footage. What you don’t see is that Lazar’s two sisters are watching on the sidelines. We were all scurrying around in-between takes.…

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Tired of your Latin or skate skirt? Make TWO options!

Make your own Latin dance skirt

Are you tired of your Latin or skate skirt and want a new look? When you know how to Sew Like A Pro™ you can remove the old skirt and make two (or three or four) new skirts — for far less money than buying or making a new one! The dress changes in this…

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