Big Impact With Only Three Alterations

Big Impact Alterations include changing the back neckline by adding criss-cross straps

This is part two of two in which we transformed a Dancesport ballgown using only three big-impact alterations. If you missed the first video, check out this blog: Three Steps to Change A Dancesport Gown a a Adding 3/4 length sleeves to Marlaine’s gown dramatically changed the look of this dress! However, the sleeves had a few…

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Three Steps To Change A Dancesport Gown

Teresa Sigmon shares three ways to change this Dancesport gown.

After almost a decade, this Dancesport gown is too beautiful to retire, and it’s in near perfect condition so why would we?  Rather than invest in a new dress, my client Marlaine and I decided to create a fresh look with three easy, (mostly) inexpensive steps. a Sleeves make a big impact on a gown. Since…

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FAQ about Sew Like a Pro™

FAQ, Sew Like a Pro™

I want to make sure you hear the answers you need, straight from me. WHY DID I CREATE AN ONLINE SEWING SCHOOL FOR DANCESPORT & COUNTRY DANCERS, ICE & ROLLER SKATERS? The first decade of making dance and skate costumes, I struggled to get dresses to fit as well as I thought they could. I’ll…

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[Sew Like A Pro™] Take a tour of the member’s site

Join the world’s best member-only, online sewing school that focuses on making Dancesport, Country, Ice and Roller skating dresses.

  Are you curious what’s REALLY in the world’s first and best, member-only sewing school? Watch the video below to take a tour of the live site.   “I like that I can watch the video first then go back and watch again/start/stop as I am working on the project.” — Ginger, U.S.A. “I appreciate…

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Showcase Sew Like A Pro™ Students’ Work

The online sewing school to sew mesh, skirt yokes, fringe

  SEPTEMBER 12, 2016 When I created the SEW LIKE A PRO™  online sewing school, I had a dream of teaching ballroom and country dancers, ice and roller skaters how to make professional quality costumes.  My dream is being fulfilled – and surpassed – by ten amazing women from Australia and the U.S.A. The entire…

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Standard Floats: Perfect Drapes For Your Ballgown

Teresa Sigmon, how to design the perfect drape for your ballgown

A sumptuous set of Standard floats can make a ballgown more interesting, more versatile and more colorful. They can completely change the look of a dress, making an old dress feel new. Standard floats can be detachable so the dress may be worn for both American and Standard dance styles. Or, for more fun and versatility, change…

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Decorate A Dance or Skate Dress with Lace

Pro Tips For Perfect Rhinestoning on competition Dancesport, Country and Skate Dresses

  Decorate your dance or skate costumes with lace. It’s a beautiful way to create a repeating rhinestone pattern. It can be feminine, striking or nearly invisible when covered with heavy rhinestoning. To show you, I dip into the Sew Like A Pro™  stash. I figured, what the heck, if I’m editing video for the sewing…

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Perfect Colors for Dance and Skate Costumes

Teresa Sigmon uses a color wheel to help choose perfect colors for competition Dancesport, Country and skate dresses

“How do I choose the best colors for my dance or skate costume?” is the question I tackle in today’s blog. When it comes to choosing the perfect colors for ballroom, Latin, Country dance as well as ice and roller skating costumes, it’s easy to get overwhelmed or confused because you have a lot more…

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