Three looks out of one dress

Three Looks For A Latin Or Skate Dress

  Dancers and skaters don’t always have the time or money to invest in a brand-new dress every time they want one. If you are familiar with this scenario, consider making a few big alterations on your competition or show dress to create a new look without major expense. Read on to get the full…

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Teresa Sigmon shares how to dye flesh color elastic

How To Dye Flesh Color Elastic

Today’s blog addresses a great question posed by a Sew Like A Pro™ subscriber: “I can’t find flesh color elastic to use for shoulder straps. How do I dye elastic? How do I get a good color to match my skin?” Read on to get dying solutions to your elastic dilemma. Thanks to online fabric stores,…

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This Moment - lessons from my cat and dog

In This Moment: Lessons From My Cat And Dog

I live in a place that seldom gets snow and when we do, it’s only a little bit that melts in a day or two. However, here is my view in this moment. 10″ / 25.5 cm of snow dropped in only 14 hours.   Last night I went for a walk in the middle of…

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Stop And Appreciate Beauty All Around You

a On December 25th, 2016 I spent a glorious day alone on the Oregon coast at Three Arch Rocks National Wildlife Refuge. The magnificence of that day inspired me to share an easy technique I began doing several years ago. It has made a world of difference in how much I enjoy my life and…

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fringe in action, Teresa Sigmon shares tips on choosing, making or altering competition Dancesport, Country of Skate dresses.

Fun, Fabulous Fringe for Latin and Skate Skirts

    PROS:   CONS:      a     In North America: Decorating — Tennessee, U.S.A. — ChrisAnne Clover’s sister store in Canada In Europe: ChrisAnne Clover — England DSI-London — England   merica:       WATCH NEXT: Watch how I change my clients Latin skirt to create longer looking legs.…

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Big Impact Alterations include changing the back neckline by adding criss-cross straps

Big Impact With Only Three Alterations

This is part two of two in which we transformed a Dancesport ballgown using only three big-impact alterations. If you missed the first video, check out this blog: Three Steps to Change A Dancesport Gown a a Adding 3/4 length sleeves to Marlaine’s gown dramatically changed the look of this dress! However, the sleeves had a few…

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Teresa Sigmon shares three ways to change this Dancesport gown.

Three Steps To Change A Dancesport Gown

After almost a decade, this Dancesport gown is too beautiful to retire, and it’s in near perfect condition so why would we?  Rather than invest in a new dress, my client Marlaine and I decided to create a fresh look with three easy, (mostly) inexpensive steps. a Sleeves make a big impact on a gown. Since…

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FAQ, Sew Like a Pro™

FAQ about Sew Like a Pro™

I want to make sure you hear the answers you need, straight from me. WHY DID I CREATE AN ONLINE SEWING SCHOOL FOR DANCESPORT & COUNTRY DANCERS, ICE & ROLLER SKATERS? The first decade of making dance and skate costumes, I struggled to get dresses to fit as well as I thought they could. I’ll…

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