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Are You a Starter or a Finisher?

starter finisher strengths for dressmaking, dance skate performance

  Want to learn your dance or skate routines faster with less stress? Need to know why you love some aspects of dressmaking and despise others? Know your strengths to maximize your dressmaking plus your Dancesport, Country, Skate performances. Many business and personal development coaches tackle this “starter finisher” topic. Not one of them addresses…

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10 Ways To Change A Ballroom or Skate Dress

10 ways to change a Ballroom, Latin, Country or Skate dress

  Almost every Dancesport, Country or Skate dress can be changed for weight loss or weight gain, to update it for changing trends, or to give it a fresh look so it feels new. Today I offer 10 ways to customize or change a ballroom gown — including ideas to turn it into a Latin or…

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Strong Design Elements Make A Classic Ballgown Shine

5 key design elements for a competition Dancesport ballgown

  Design elements can make or break a competition Dancesport, Country or skate dress. If your dress has too many design elements, the audience gets confused as to where on the dress they should look. Too few key elements and the viewer gets bored and quickly looks away.   What’s a dancer or skater to…

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Ideal Fabrics For Leotards And Sleeves

Top 10 Fabrics for competition Dancesport, Country and Skate Dresses.

You requested it. I created it. IDEAL FABRICS FOR LEOTARDS AND SLEEVES is not only a one-of-a-kind training video you can use on your very next Dancesport, Country or Skate dress, but I also created an awesome (if I do say so myself 🙂 ) download that accompanies the video! I’m super excited about this extended…

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Feathers Are Trending. Do You Want Them On Your Dress?

Feathers are hot in the Dancesport, Country and Skate world. Do you want them on your dress?

Feathers are a hot fashion statement in Dancesport, Country and skate dresses. Whether you’re adding a high-impact feather arrangement near the neckline or ostrich boas to the hem of your dress, feathers are trending … for now. Do you want to join in the feather frenzy? Or hold steady with a classic dress that will…

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Rhinestone Glue: Which Is Right For Your Dress?

4 main types of rhinestone glue

Whether you’re replacing missing rhinestones on a dance or skate dress, adding stones to a store bought dress for a quickie showcase costume, or rhinestoning the dress you made, read on to learn more about the four major types of glues that work well for rhinestoning Country, Ballroom and Skate dresses. aa   Please, can…

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Three Looks For A Latin Or Skate Dress

Three looks out of one dress

  Dancers and skaters don’t always have the time or money to invest in a brand-new dress every time they want one. If you are familiar with this scenario, consider making a few big alterations on your competition or show dress to create a new look without major expense. Read on to get the full…

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