Which  one  will  revolutionize  your  dressmaking?

How to make a competition Dancesport ballgown. Get complete ballgown training with the professional tools and tips you need to succeed.
How to make a competition ballgown, Latin, Country, skate dress. Get comprehensive training on working with mesh, skirt yokes, fringe, rhinestones.
  • 24/7 lifetime access to all training materials and support
  • 30 day "I can SEW do this!" money back guarantee.
  • $2,999 per complete program
  • Pay in full or choose a 2-payment or 4-payment plan.

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1) My commitment is to improve your costume-making ability, to help you SEW LIKE A PRO™.  You can participate in the program risk-free for up to 30-days or four (4) modules - whichever comes first. If you feel the program does not live up to its promise, you may request a full refund.

2) To be eligible for the "I can SEW do this!" refund, you must submit your completed homework (including all documents and forms that contribute to each module) as well as photos of your design, pattern and body-suit-in-progress.

3) No refunds will be considered until after the release of the third module. No exceptions.

WHY? I put a tremendous amount of work into creating this program. I know it is effective -- if you follow the system and do the work. I TRULY WANT YOU TO SUCCEED, you must only enroll in this school if you are willing to do the work -- even if it takes longer than the 11 weeks over which the class is released.

YOU HAVE 24/7 LIFETIME ACCESS. There is no hurry. There is no excuse for not learning the professional tools and tips you need to succeed in making dance and skate costumes.

I believe in you. YOU CAN SEW  DO THIS!

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