Dance Lesson Pricing

Dance Lesson Pricing - Package Prices & Individual Lessons

New Student Special

This $95 offer is perfect for beginning dancers and students new to Teresa. This package is ideal for holiday or birthday presents, surprising the spouse or as a gift certificate.

Three 40-minute lessons are a fantastic, economical way to get acquainted with ballroom dancing and Teresa.

  • Full value for this nicely priced package is $235.
  • This package cannot be combined with a complimentary 30-minute lesson.

Pay As You Go

Each 55-minute lesson at the Tigard or NE PDX studios are $90.00.

The pay-as-you-go-plan means there are no contracts or long-term commitments.


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Call Teresa directly: 503.593.8252  or  email her:

  • Cash, check, Visa, MasterCard accepted if paying on the lesson.
  • Partial package refunds must be requested before the package expires. If a refund is requested, all lessons used are calculated at $75 per lesson and the remaining dollar value equals the refund amount. Refunds will be issued by cash or money order.
  • Any unused lessons in the three (3) lesson package expire after forty-five (45) days from purchase.
  • Any unused lessons in the five (5) lesson package expire after seventy (70) days from purchase.
  • Any unused lessons in the ten (10) lesson package expire after one hundred twenty (120) days from purchase.
  • A 24-hour cancellation or reschedule is requested. Last minute cancellations count as a “no-show.”
  • For package holders, the third “no-show” results in a 1/2 lesson being deducted from the package. The fourth “no-show” results in a full lesson deducted from the package and mandatory “pay-as-you-go”. Teresa reserves the right to refund remaining lessons and terminate further instruction.

The New Student Special Makes a Great Gift!

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Studio Locations:



The Ballroom Dance Company in Tigard  
900 SW Commercial St, Tigard, OR 97223

Teresa Sigmon, ballroom dance instructor.  Photo by David James Visuals,

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  • q-iconHow long does it take to learn to dance?


    That’s about as easy to answer as “how long does it take to learn a foreign language?” 🙂

    It depends on the individual’s natural dance and learning abilities as well as dedication to non-lesson practice time.

    For the fastest and most consistent learning, Teresa recommends taking at least one private lesson a week.

    For individual men taking private lessons with an instructor, it may take 3-4 months (12-16 lessons) to learn and get comfortable with basics in 3-5 dances.

    Couples often take longer because both people are learning (and struggling) at the same time.


  • q-iconWe want to learn a routine for our wedding dance... How long will it take? ... When should we start?


    Super exciting! … Start sooner than you think 🙂

    On average, it takes couples who have little or no dance experience 8-15 lessons to be ready to perform their wedding dance routine — which equals 2-4 months of weekly lessons.

    That includes learning it and practicing it enough so your body knows it better than your brain. In dance, we call this “muscle memory.”

    It’s important (though not mandatory) to reach this “muscle memory” stage because you’re less likely to forget steps when you’re nervous on the big day.

    That being said, one of Teresa’s wedding couples learned their routine in a mere five lessons. To their credit, they spent copious hours practicing on their own. It showed in their confidence and performance level on Wedding Day.

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  • q-iconDo I need to bring a partner to learn to dance?


    Absolutely not!

    Teresa is accustomed to teaching solo men as well as couples. She often coaches women who dance competitively.

    1) Are you a single guy?
    Get started today, dancing with Teresa as your coach and partner.

    2) Do you have a wife or partner but wish to take lessons alone?
    Some men begin taking lessons without telling their wife or partner. Once, they feel confident in their dancing, they surprise their partner with a “beginner’s” dance lesson. 🙂

    3) Do you wish to take lessons with your spouse or partner?
    Many couples find they learn much faster when they take lessons together as well as individually. Lesson time apart means each person can dance with an instructor so they learn faster with less newcomer frustration.

    4) Are you a single woman who wishes to begin dancing?
    Teresa will refer you to a male instructor so you can learn in a more realistic social dance setting.

  • q-iconWhat's the difference in PRIVATE and GROUP lessons?


    PRIVATE LESSONS (whether one student and a teacher, or a couple and a teacher) offer intensive, personalized training that yields fast, effective results.

    GROUP CLASSES may contain anywhere from 6-30 students. They offer the opportunity to learn to adapt to dance levels and styles of many different people’s.

    *     *     *

    The majority of people learn most quickly from the one-on-one attention of a private lesson.

    While group classes are the least expensive method of learning to dance, when used as the only source, students often feel frustrated because they don’t receive individual attention to help correct problems they encounter with new partners.

    Thus, a combination of group and private lessons yields the best results for social dancing. However, Teresa recommends everyone have several private lessons before adding group classes to the curriculum.

    P.S. If you’re learning to dance for the primary purpose of your wedding routine, Teresa suggests you focus only on private lessons. Once the big day is over, group classes can be incorporated with your private lessons for a broader social dance experience.

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Private & Group Instruction Available

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