Big Impact With Only Three Alterations

Big Impact Alterations include changing the back neckline by adding criss-cross straps

This is part two of two in which we transformed a Dancesport ballgown using only three big-impact alterations. If you missed the first video, check out this blog: Three Steps to Change A Dancesport Gown a a Adding 3/4 length sleeves to Marlaine’s gown dramatically changed the look of this dress! However, the sleeves had a few…

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Three Steps To Change A Dancesport Gown

Teresa Sigmon shares three ways to change this Dancesport gown.

After almost a decade, this Dancesport gown is too beautiful to retire, and it’s in near perfect condition so why would we?  Rather than invest in a new dress, my client Marlaine and I decided to create a fresh look with three easy, (mostly) inexpensive steps. a Sleeves make a big impact on a gown. Since…

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Weight loss alterations for Dancesport and Skate dresses

Weight loss alterations for dance costumes

Liesl, the model for the Complete Basic Ballgown Program, made a lot of dietary improvements and has shed pounds and inches since I made this dress for her sixteen months ago. In today’s video I walk you through changes – both optional and absolutely necessary – that can be done to this dress to make…

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How to turn a wedding dress into a Dancesport ballgown

How to turn a wedding dress into a dance dress

Today’s video is an exciting one. It’s the transformation from a wedding dress to a custom-dyed ballgown. Pat, a long-time client, found her true love late in life. I was delighted she asked me to make her wedding gown! And even more thrilled when we came up with a solid plan to convert it to…

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How to add mesh sleeves to a Dancesport or Skate dress

Teresa Sigmon, Bree Blevins,

Each custom dress I make is a collaborative effort between the client and me: taking into consideration her body shape and size, performance needs as well as her personal fashion tastes. In this video, we add mesh sleeves to a ballgown I made for Bree in 2006. When I originally made the dress for Bree,…

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Bargain Dress Becomes A Dancesport or Skate Costume

Turn a store bought dress into a competition ballgown, Sew Like a Pro™

One way to save money and still get a great dress is to pick a dress off the bargain rack from your favorite clothing store and customize it to fit your Dancesport, Country-Western or skating costume needs.      P.S. I recommend a stretch one so it’s most comfortable and will move with you. In…

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Create a more flattering backline

Has your body shape or size changed since you first made or purchased your dress? Do you have irregularities in your body shape that you would like to camouflage?  Watch this video to learn how to alter your gown to disguise these areas and create a more flattering backline. And, as a surprise bonus, learn additional style…

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