Where  is  BODYcelebrate ?

For the moment - okay, a long moment - it's gone.

Yes, I know, it's such a shame. But if you take a look around this website, you'll see that I've been quite busy.

Since BODYcelebrate was not income-producing I had to let the website go for now -- but not the domain name because I want to stay in touch with you.

My plan is, in a year or two, once the SEW LIKE A PRO™ sewing school is up and running viably, to re-introduce BODYcelebrate to its global sewing community, which as luck has it is mostly women.

It's genius, really!

Genius that I hope I can fulfill, making myself and others proud, happy and thriving.

Thanks for staying in touch. I look forward to the day we reconnect to help make our world a better, happier, healthier place.

          Teresa Sigmon

P.S. If you were one of the folks who bata-tested the PRIORITIES program online or at select locations where I taught the class in person, you no longer have access to those videos or PDFs because the website is gone.

Please contact me directly at  so I can email you the video and/or PDFs so you can continue your excellent progress. (Don't be surprised if it takes me several days or a week to respond to your email.)

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