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On December 25th, 2016 I spent a glorious day alone on the Oregon coast at Three Arch Rocks National Wildlife Refuge.

appreciate beauty in nature

appreciate beauty in nature

The magnificence of that day inspired me to share an easy technique I began doing several years ago. It has made a world of difference in how much I enjoy my life and things around me.

Guess what? There is no sewing required! Everyone can do it.

What’s the one non-sewing thing I would love to inspire you to try?



Okay, so it’s three steps.

But it’s easy … STOP what you’re doing.
Stop rushing from store to store.
Stop stressing over a computer problem.
Stop dwelling on whatever your goal or your problem is in that moment.

Give yourself a minute or two or five of peace and quiet and appreciation of the amazing things around you.

  • Listen to the sound of someone laughing.
  • Watch your pet play blissfully with her favorite toy.
  • Feel the chill as you take a deep breath on a crisp autumn day.
  • Notice all the colors and shapes of the sun reflecting on the glass at shopping areas.
  • Stop and watch a butterfly on a flower.
  • Inhale deeply and actually smell the meal you are cooking or about to eat.

These little stolen moments are beneficial in many ways. Here are just a few:

  • It allows your mind to relax so it functions better.
  • It reduces your blood pressure and allows tension to release from your body.
  • It reduces or even eliminates the negative and stressful thoughts you may have been having before you pulled your attention to something more positive.
  • It trains you to see the good instead of the bad.
  • You get happier, little by little.

Taking a few minutes on a regular basis to enjoy the beauty that exists all around you is like hitting a reset button for your mind, your body and your emotions.

Just like learning a new routine or how to put fishing line in a skirt hem, you will need to be aware and practice regularly until “stop, look, enjoy” becomes habit.

Give it shot. I know you can do it!

I hope you’ll watch one of my few personal blogs.

P.S. At the end of the video, I share the film I made on Christmas Day. With coastal views like the ones above, you don’t want to miss it.



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