Three Steps To Change A Dancesport Gown

Teresa Sigmon shares three ways to change this Dancesport gown.

After almost a decade, this Dancesport gown is too beautiful to retire, and it’s in near perfect condition so why would we?  Rather than invest in a new dress, my client Marlaine and I decided to create a fresh look with three easy, (mostly) inexpensive steps. a Sleeves make a big impact on a gown. Since…

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FAQ about Sew Like a Pro™

FAQ, Sew Like a Pro™

I want to make sure you hear the answers you need, straight from me. WHY DID I CREATE AN ONLINE SEWING SCHOOL FOR DANCESPORT & COUNTRY DANCERS, ICE & ROLLER SKATERS? The first decade of making dance and skate costumes, I struggled to get dresses to fit as well as I thought they could. I’ll…

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[Sew Like A Pro™] Take a tour of the member’s site

Join the world’s best member-only, online sewing school that focuses on making Dancesport, Country, Ice and Roller skating dresses.

  Are you curious what’s REALLY in the world’s first and best, member-only sewing school? Watch the video below to take a tour of the live site.   “I like that I can watch the video first then go back and watch again/start/stop as I am working on the project.” — Ginger, U.S.A. “I appreciate…

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