Pack A Petite But Powerful Travel Sewing Kit

Teresa Sigmon reveals the contents in her personal travel sewing kit especially for skaters and Dancesport and Country dancers.

If you are a skater or dancer – or the parent of a skater or dancer – you need to carry a travel sewing kit with you on every trip – even if it’s just across town for a day competition. Yes, this applies to you folks who think you cannot sew on a button.…

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How to add mesh sleeves to a Dancesport or Skate dress

Teresa Sigmon, Bree Blevins,

Each custom dress I make is a collaborative effort between the client and me: taking into consideration her body shape and size, performance needs as well as her personal fashion tastes. In this video, we add mesh sleeves to a ballgown I made for Bree in 2006. When I originally made the dress for Bree,…

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