Bargain Dress Becomes A Dancesport or Skate Costume

Turn a store bought dress into a competition ballgown, Sew Like a Pro™

One way to save money and still get a great dress is to pick a dress off the bargain rack from your favorite clothing store and customize it to fit your Dancesport, Country-Western or skating costume needs.      P.S. I recommend a stretch one so it’s most comfortable and will move with you. In…

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Look and feel better fast

Look and feel better fast, Sew Like a Pro™

Smile or laugh. Yes, it’s that easy. It works on the physiological and emotional levels. And, it works when you’re dancing or skating – as well as in real life. This photo-merge image you see here is really two screen-captures from a video my mom recorded while she and I were on a volunteer trash collecting vacation on…

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